Cupid's Pulse Article: The Bachelor 17, Episode 6: Chemistry in CanadaCupid's Pulse Article: The Bachelor 17, Episode 6: Chemistry in Canada

By Jared Sais

Since this episode is the second one this week, let’s jump right into it…


So we finally got to see a one-on-one date with Sean and Catherine, and it looks like I need to add her to my top picks. I think Catherine has something no other girl has to offer. She is fun, cute and sexy — she’s a triple threat. Or better yet, she’s a quad threat since she also had a sad story to tell.

When Sean talked about her during his interviews, he really lit up. His eyes widened, and he had a smile from ear to ear. Also, remember from one of my previous articles that, when Sean is really, truly happy, his vein shows on his forehead, either near his eyes or above it. That happened again last night, so I know that he was very happy with his time with Catherine.

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The Big Disaster Date


Well, here we go again — Tierra’s hurt — but this time, it’s for real. I am reminded of the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” There are only so many times that she can fake cry or “fall down the stairs.” Now that she’s really hurt, no one believed her.

I lived in Buffalo for about five years, where snow and freezing weather were the norm. I know what you can fake, and Tierra definitely didn’t fake lips that blue and skin that pale. BUT (and trust me, there is a but) that doesn’t mean she didn’t play off the situation. Tierra had mild hypochondria — oh sorry, I mean hypothermia — and she acted like she had frostnip (the first stage of frostbite) or even frostbite. Just to give you a point of comparison: My good friend had frostnip, and she couldn’t walk for three days. She had crutches and stabbing pains in her feet and hands for a week.

So Tierra, you might have gotten cold, but you also got a cold shoulder from Sean when he gave the rose to Lesley. Ouch.

Even so, I knew she’d get a rose before the show was over, and I’ve narrowed it down to two explanations. The first reason is that the producers know we all love to hate her, and they, of course, want the highest ratings possible.

Second, Sean is a sap and really likes her and her drama. Some men are “care takers,” meaning that they like taking care of women. Sean most likely falls into this category, seeing as he always gives roses to the girls who tell him stories about their difficult lives. “Care takers” want to feel like they are needed, so the more these girls cry and act dramatic, the more likely Sean is to give them a rose.


As you know, I love giving real world examples of non-verbal facial expressions. When AshLee had to jump into the ice water, she presented a great non-verbal expression of fear: eyes wide-open, eyebrows raised and corner of lips pulled straight back towards the ears.


Selma and Sean had a great run. That kiss was where it went downhill though. It was the kiss of death. It was a peck with very little emotion behind it. Sometimes, a kiss is the true test of chemistry, and in this case, there wasn’t much there.

As a side note, Selma’s laugh may have been the cutest/weirdest laugh that I’ve ever heard.


I really liked Sarah. Like I said in yesterday’s post, she was one of my top picks for Sean. So Sarah, if you come across this article, I’ll help you find love. Come join me in my VIP non-verbal communication class!

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Well, she got over her rough patch with an amazing date. If you’re keeping track, she’s been one of my favorites since day one, and she’s still on my top five list. I think she has many of the qualities that the bachelor wants in a partner. If she wants to win that final rose, she must be herself and keep things fun and spontaneous for Sean.

In Montana, their body language was off, but this week, they re-kindled things big time. I want to point out how one bad comment about Tierra (in Sean’s eyes, at least) negatively affected Desiree and Sean’s chemistry, even if it was only for a week. I think this date brought her back in the spotlight.

Tune in next week to see what happens when Sean and the remaining ladies head to the magical island of St. Croix!

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