Cupid's Pulse Article: Beyonce Hugs Jay-Z After Super Bowl Halftime ShowCupid's Pulse Article: Beyonce Hugs Jay-Z After Super Bowl Halftime Show

By Meghan Fitzgerald

After Beyonce lead the explosive half time show, she was welcomed backstage into the arms of her beau, Jay-Z. According to, her dashing set list physically took the lights away. Technically, a half hour power outage followed her performance at the Superbowl half time show. Tweets are still ringing in on pop queen, Beyonce Knowles’ performance, and how down-to-earth the celebrity couple is. People reports that Knowles sent her love via a thank-you note to her former band mates, Alicia Keys, and Jennifer Hudson. She expresses how grateful she is to have the opportunity and is looking forward to the future.

How do you celebrate with your partner after he/she does something noteworthy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Celebrating is fun! Who doesn’t want to celebrate for things they accomplished in their life? You should be able to let loose and have a great time after you went through hard work. Here’s how to show your partner a good time:

1. Night on the town: Your partner just got a new promotion, what do you do? Your partner just hiked Mount Everest, what’s next? Of course these two are special events, and they should be celebrated. Take your mate out on the town with the people they love the most in life, or just yourself! They will appreciate this night you planned and will also be less stressed. A night on the town is sure to be a big celebration for your partner.

2. Flowers: People say they don’t enjoy flowers, but c’mon. Even if you don’t actually like flowers, it is the act of kindness your partner went through which means something. Celebration can commence through flowers, chocolate also tags into this. It shows how proud you are of your beau and how much you love them.

3. Praise: Tell your partner how incredible they are when they accomplish something spectacular. Tell your mate how special they are to you, how talented they are, and how much you care for them and their hard work.

How do you celebrate with your partner? Explain below!