Cupid's Pulse Article: Channing Tatum Says Wife Jenna’s Pregnancy is ‘One of the Sexiest Things Ever’Cupid's Pulse Article: Channing Tatum Says Wife Jenna’s Pregnancy is ‘One of the Sexiest Things Ever’

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Channing Tatum, the talented and sexy 33-year-old told E! Online how his wife, Jenna Dewan’s pregnancy is the “sexiest thing ever.” Tatum spoke out at a New Orleans bar, ‘Saints and Sinners’ during Super Bowl weekend.  According to, Tatum mentioned how his spouse, “Never really ate sweets before, but she loves sweets now.” He continues to say, “She loves chocolate and that whole thing, but nothing really out of the ordinary, nothing like pickles and icing, nothing weird.”

What are some ways to make your pregnant partner feel beautiful?

Cupid’s Advice:

Being pregnant is not always alluring, the swollen feet, the added weight, the constant cravings, and common insecurities. It is a partners’ duty to make their wife still feel beautiful even if she doesn’t believe it. You should make sure your beau is aware that they have changed slightly but they are still the same beautiful person:

1. Romantic evenings: When you’re pregnant, you will not go out as much as you used to. You get tired easily, and also, you need sleep to stay healthy. To make your mate feel beautiful, plan a romantic evening at home. Prepare candles, rose petals, her favorite meal, smooth jazz, a bottle of nice wine, and later make a bubble bath. Surprising your spouse with this evening will make her feel special and loved. She will know just how beautiful she really is.

2. Tell her she’s sexy: Words show feelings. Telling your beau how sexy you think they are will make your pregnant partner realize that they are something special. Tell her how incredible you think she is and how they are sexier now than ever before.

3. Comfort: Pregnant tend to have a lot of stress not only on their shoulders, but also their feet. With this being said, they sometimes need to wind down and relax. Give your beau a back or body massage, make them a cup of tea, rub their feet. Prop them up on the couch and put their favorite movie on. Make them feel as comfortable as problem as you both go on this experience together.

Have you helped your pregnant partner feel beautiful? Explain below!