Cupid's Pulse Article: Tierra Causes Drama on ‘The Bachelor,’ Ladies Come Together Against HerCupid's Pulse Article: Tierra Causes Drama on ‘The Bachelor,’ Ladies Come Together Against Her

By Meghan Fitzgerald

This week on The Bachelor, the lovely ladies and Sean Lowe headed off to the spacious and breath-taking Montana. Lowe takes one of the ladies, Lindsay, on a date consisting of a helicopter ride, dinner and kisses. According to, the other women waited at home to see who would get a group date and who would get the two-on-one. Later on in the evening, Tierra came on to Lowe, ignoring the rules of the show. Huffington Post reports that the girls were mildly upset with Tierra’s actions, and Lowe wasn’t realizing them. The quest for the blonde Bachelor’s love continues.

What are some ways to keep jealousy and drama out of your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Many relationships have failed because jealousy and drama have snuck their way into them. Unfortunately, our culture is filled with social media and this plays a large part into why relationships fail. With Facebook and Twitter, we know almost everything about each others’ lives. Cupid has some advice:

1. Communication: One of the many keys in a relationship is expressing how you feel. It is essential for you and your beau to communicate with one another. Communication allows zero confusion in the relationship and allows the two involved to love each other more. Lack of communication can lead to problems stirring in your relationship. To keep the love together, just communicate.

2. Personal space: In a relationship, it is essential to realize that the both of you have their own, separate lives. Being up each others noses all the time will cause drama in a heartbeat. Although you may want to spend every waking minute and day with your mate, you need to give them personal space. Personal space to live their life, not yours. Also, giving your significant other  personal space allows them to analyze your relationship and want to work and delve into it more.

3. Honesty: Honesty ladies and gentlemen, is necessary in relationships, and generally all aspects of life. You are simply asking for drama if you lie to your partner. To keep your relationship nice and clean, do not in any circumstance lie.

Have you ever had jealousy or drama in your relationship? Explain below!