Cupid's Pulse Article: The Bachelor 17, Episode 5: Sean Lowe’s Mistakes & Top PicksCupid's Pulse Article: The Bachelor 17, Episode 5: Sean Lowe’s Mistakes & Top Picks

By Jared Sais

I had a big problem with Sean this week. Maybe it started when he gave the rose to Tierra over Jackie. Did anyone else actually scream at the television? He’s incredibly clueless to Tierra’s true colors. Sean, wake up! You’re a wreck, so you’re picking a girl who is a wreck herself.

I really questioned the bachelor when he said, “I don’t want to be naïve. I want people to tell me these things.” Whenever someone tries to tell him something negative about someone else, he sends her home! In doing so, he’s eliminating the girls who truly care for him and giving roses to the girls with a ton of issues. At least tell me that producers have a role in the eliminations to make me feel better.

Enough about Sean. Let’s talk about the girls!


While kissing Lindsay, Sean had a limp arm, which tells us that he wasn’t really into their kiss. When you really like a girl, your arms reach out for her.

Later in the date, Lindsay jumped into Sean’s arms — a non-verbal cue of really strong attraction and very loving emotions towards someone. So she definitely likes him more then he likes her.

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After Sean announced that the blue team was coming back, Desiree revealed her anger by pinching her lips and licking her front teeth. In all fairness, the girl did drink fresh goat milk to earn her spot at dinner.

She showed surprise through her wide eyes and raised eyebrows when she didn’t receive a rose on the group date. Honestly, I was surprised too. It seems like any negative news immediately makes Sean question the show’s process. He needs to realize that nobody is perfect and that there are ups and downs in every relationship.

Overall, the body language between Sean and Des isn’t as positive as it once was. For instance, when they were sitting on the couch, Sean’s body was pointed away from her, which is the opposite of what you do when you like someone.

Before we move on to the next girl, let’s consider this: Does Sean asking for the blue team to come back mean that he missed the company of someone on that team? Maybe Lesley, Catherine, Daniella or AshLee?


When AshLee was talking about her time on the show so far, she reached for the back of her neck, a non-verbal sign for “pain in my neck,” frustration or annoyance. Even so, she was telling the truth about her positive feelings for Sean. She was implying that it’s a pain for her to be competing for his heart (and who can really blame her?).


One thing was clear: Sean did not like that Tierra crashed his date and surprised him. When speaking with her outside, his heavy breathing indicated that he was thinking “not again.” Of course, it won’t matter because she will manipulate Sean with yet another story, and Sean will give her yet another rose.

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Lesley M.

Lesley is the girl who Sean went to for wisdom. She has to make sure she doesn’t fall into the “friend zone” next week. I expect a lot of touching and a big romantic scene with Sean and Lesley on an upcoming episode.

Top Picks

So who do I think Sean will pick as his top five ladies?

1. Lesley M.

2. Lindsay

3. AshLee

4. Selma

5. Desiree

Just for comparison, here are my top five picks for Sean:

1. AshLee

2. Lesley M.

3. Jackie

4. Desiree

5. Sarah

Jared Sais is co-author of the website The Non-Verbal Game. He is an expert in non-verbal communication, who specializes in body language, micro-expressions and lie deception as they relate to life and love. For more information and to download a free PDF of the speech he gave at NYC’s Single In Stilettos, visit