Cupid's Pulse Article: Christina Ricci Is Engaged to Boyfriend James HeerdegenCupid's Pulse Article: Christina Ricci Is Engaged to Boyfriend James Heerdegen

By Andrea Surujnauth

It’s official! Christina Ricci and her boyfriend, James Heerdegen, have decided to tie the knot. Ricci confirmed the engagement exclusively to on February 1st. The two love birds met on the set of Ricci’s now cancelled ABC series Pan Am. Ricci has been wearing an engagement ring since October, but never commented about the engagement speculations. Now she is finally announcing that her and her soon-to-be hubby have been engaged since last year. Ricci was previously engaged to Owen Benjamin but the two broke it off in June 2009.

What are some reasons to keep your engagement under wraps at first?

Cupid’s Advice:

Although being engaged is amazing news, you might want to keep the engagement on the down low at first. Here are some reasons why couples are hush hush about their great news:

1. One big announcement: Some couples want to wait until their family are all together before they announce the news. This way everyone hears it from them first and there is no pre-announcement gossip!

2. Opportunity to plan: By holding off on letting everyone know about the engagement will give you the chance to plan a party or plan how you want to tell everyone. This way the announcement will be exactly how you want it to be.

3. Time needs to be right: If someone else just announced some big news, like a pregnancy or another engagement, you may want to hold off for a few months just so that couple will have their time in the spotlight. Everyone wants some time to shine when they announce big news.

Why would you keep your engagement under wraps? Comment below and let us know!