Cupid's Pulse Article: CaCee Cobb Says She’s ‘Over the Moon’ About PregnancyCupid's Pulse Article: CaCee Cobb Says She’s ‘Over the Moon’ About Pregnancy

By Andrea Surujnauth

Cacee Cobb is expecting her first child with husband, Donald Faison. According to, she wrote, “We’re over the moon” on her Facebook page in reference to her pregnancy. Both Cobb and her BFF Jessica Simpson are both expecting and they are bonding over their pregnancies. In December, Cobb and her best pal were seen with both of their husbands along with Simpson’s daughter Maxwell  at Beverly Hill’s Polo Lounge. Both Cobb and Simpson opted for non-alcoholic beverages, all the while Faison was lovingly rubbing Cobb’s tummy. Faison has four other children from a previous relationship.

What are some ways to announce your pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Announcing a pregnancy is a joyful event. Coming up with the best way to make the announcement is the hard part. Which is the best way for you to announce your pregnancy? Having trouble? Cupid is here with some suggestions:

1. Sweet surprise: Surprise your hubby or your family with a cake. In icing, write the words “Congratulations your a daddy!” or simply “I’m pregnant!”. Not only will you get shocked and excited reactions, but there will be a celebration cake to snack on afterwards!

2. Sentimental shock: Look up how big your baby is depending on how far along you are. For example, if you are 7 weeks along, your baby would be about the size of a blueberry. When you are ready for the announcement, place a blueberry in your hubby or loved one’s hand and say “That’s how big your/my baby is right now”. We guarantee a shocked reaction and maybe even a few tears!

3. Perfect present: Here is a simple but touching and surprising way to announce your pregnancy. Gift wrap either your pregnancy test, baby shoes, baby outfit, baby bottle, or pacifier and give the present to your hubby or loved ones. They will be thrilled when they open it!

How would you announce you pregnancy? Comment below and let us know!