Cupid's Pulse Article: Ben Affleck Calls Wife Jennifer Garner ‘Best Person in the World’ at DGA AwardsCupid's Pulse Article: Ben Affleck Calls Wife Jennifer Garner ‘Best Person in the World’ at DGA Awards

By Jessica Conigliaro

During the 65th Annual Directors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, Ben Affleck boasted about his wife Jennifer Garner as he accepted his award. People reports him saying, “I have to just thank my wife for being the best person in the world…I don’t need to look at the teleprompter to know why I want to thank you. I want to thank you because I love you.” Affleck wanted everyone to know how deeply he cares about his wife.

What are some ways to publicly show your affection for your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Showing how much you love your partner in social situations can often be a challenge. You don’t want to smother them in front of friends and family, but still want to show your affection. Here are some simple ways to express your love in public:

1. Hold their hand: In a relationship, people are usually comforted by the smallest gestures; holding your partner’s hand in public makes them feel safe and secure. This gives both of you the chance to discretely flaunt without drawing unnecessary attention from the people around you.

2. Stay by their side: When hanging out in big groups, people tend to leave their partner’s side to talk with someone else–which is perfectly fine as long as they don’t leave you alone the whole night. Any more than a half hour alone in public will leave them lonesome. Stay by your partner’s side and include them in conversations you are having with others.

3. Give little kisses: Most people are extremely weary of making out in public, or showing too much affection in front of others. The easiest way to avoid causing a scene is to kiss them on the cheek or hand throughout the night; this way, you can show your date how much you really care about them.

How does your boyfriend show he cares about you in public? Share your thoughts below.