Cupid's Pulse Article: Nicholas Sparks’ ‘Safe Haven’ Soon to Be In Theaters!Cupid's Pulse Article: Nicholas Sparks’ ‘Safe Haven’ Soon to Be In Theaters!

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Once you hear the name Nicholas Sparks, you’re automatically in, right? Dear John, The Last Song, Nights in Rodanthe, The Notebook; who wouldn’t be thrilled for yet again another phenomenal love story on screen? In Sparks’ new movie Safe Haven, the hunky Josh Duhamel stars alongside the beautiful Julianne Hough in a love story. Katie (Hough),  moves into a small town in North Carolina, Southport, looking to run away from her past and start over. Katie’s mysterious and sudden arrival is noticed by many, especially widowed store owner, Alex (Duhamel). As much as Hough tries to distance herself from people, she begins to set roots down in the town, particularly with Alex and his two children. As Katie begins to fall in love with Alex, her past begins spiraling into her life, leaving her terrified and struggling to feel safe. She knows she must make a decision: a life full of safety and minimum troubles, or a life slightly more dangerous, but full of love? Fellas, include this in your perfect Valentines Day plans, as the movie comes out on February 14th.

Should you see it: Guys, it’s Nicholas Sparks! Of course you should see it, there should be no hesitation on whether or not you will be seeing this movie. Josh Duhamel! Just his name makes womens’ insides melt, let alone his face and body in its entirety on screen! Safe Haven even has a guest appearance from the one and only, Cobie Smulders! With this cast, the movie will be incredible!

Who to take: This movie comes out on Valentines Day, it will definitely be a tear-jerker. Since Safe Haven comes out on Valentines Day, your options on who to take are vast. No Valentine this year? Don’t worry about it, gather together a group of other single ladies and go out with each other. Have a Valentine this year? Buy two tickets, one popcorn, snuggle up together in the comfy movie chairs, shed a few tears, and laugh together.

In the trailer, we see how incredible both Duhamel and Hough are as actors, and also how compatible they are together. It is pretty clear of the chemistry amongst the two costars. You can star into their eyes and know that they are destined to play alongside each other. Nicholas Sparks has a way of connecting his characters through his text and director, Lasse Hallstrom has carried this through. The trailer shows the intensity of their love in the movie, the way Katie looks at Alex when he’s around his kids. You can see their love, the chaos of Katie’s life, how frightened she is, all in the rapid scenes of fire, running, kissing, and passion. This movie is a must see for all ages and all genders!

When should you risk your life for love?

Cupid’s Advice:

Love is an aspect of life most people strive for. Determining what you should sacrifice or drop for love is a hard line to discover. Of course with every relationship, you have to put yourself out there. You need to open up, accept the fact that your partner wants to fully love you, you simply need to open up. Having a haunted past can affect how you react with risking your life with love. Similar to Katie (Hough) in Safe Haven, risking your life for love is sometimes necessary. Cupid has some advice:

1. You need to move on: Having a rough breakup, or a past relationship where you were frightened and not comfortable, can make going into a new relationship challenging. Fortunately for these people, there are better men out there! If you are scared to start dating another person because of your ex, you need to move on darling. There are other people out there who are going to treat you better than the last did, you just have to let them break down your walls.

2. You have found ‘the one’: So many people discuss about ‘the one,’ and when you’ve found ‘the one,’ nothing else in life matters. This may be true, if you do nothing but think about the love of your life, if all you want to do is be around them, and know they’re ‘the one’; risk it. Why would you want to lose your other life because you may be scared to open up, or let go of your past. If he is ‘the one,’ don’t think about it twice, go for it.

3. You want danger: Some women tend to stick themselves in a safety net, putting their life tucked safely away. This is only good for a person for so long, it is not healthy to always know what is going to happen because you won’t allow anything else. If you’re in a rut, spending all your time with your Netflix account, be dangerous. Risk yourself for love, we promise it’s worth it.

Have you ever risked your life for love? Explain below!