Cupid's Pulse Article: The Only Four Options for Dating with Hair LossCupid's Pulse Article: The Only Four Options for Dating with Hair Loss

By Adam Kutner

So you thought that by the time you started losing your hair you’d be off the market and ready to let yourself go, walk around in your underwear, and generally not have to impress potential dating partners anymore. Well, surprise! Life doesn’t always go exactly as planned. For starters, hair loss can start in your early twenties, and let’s not forget that we’re getting married later and divorced more often. This means that dating with hair loss is not only a possibility–it’s almost the norm.

But don’t worry about it. You have options. Four options, to be exact. Let’s take a look.

1. Hide it: This is the first step for many experiencing hair loss. Wearing a hat works for a little while, but how many dates can you think of where a hat is appropriate? Combing it over is the same story. Is this really a secret you want to carry with you for years? A toupee is also an option in this category, and not a bad one. Just make sure you get a good one, and one that is age appropriate. Think Billy Bob Thornton. Yes, he wears one.

2. Shave it: An old standby for hair loss, the shaved head can be really liberating, and some people find it to be the perfect hair loss solution. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for everyone. Some of us simply aren’t blessed with a good head shape or otherwise just can’t pull it off. Some people find it makes them appear too intimidating. But still, it’s a viable option. Many women and men are crazy about it. Think Bruce Willis or David Cross.

3. Own it: Think you can pull off the young Woody Allen or Prince Charles? Why not? There’s more to attractiveness than hair. If you can muster it, try just owning what your genes gave you. Thinning hair doesn’t have to be a sentence to ugliness to undesirability. Plus, maybe it will give you reason to better yourself in other, non-superficial ways.

4. Fix it: When all else fails, you can always take the leap and fix it. There are some medications that can actually make a dent in hair loss, and many other pills, lotions, shampoos and creams that won’t put a dent in much except for your wallet. Your best option is probably hair transplant surgery, which has come a long way in the passed couple of decades. It’s more affordable and successful than ever. Too many celebrity examples to count. Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner and Brendan Fraser, to name a few.

Adam works with Great Hair OKC a trusted leader in Great Hair OKC repair. Adam enjoys writing about hair restoration and dating.