Cupid's Pulse Article: Liberty Ross Files for Divorce from Rupert Sanders: Find Out What Went WrongCupid's Pulse Article: Liberty Ross Files for Divorce from Rupert Sanders: Find Out What Went Wrong

By Andrea Surujnauth

Liberty Ross has filed for divorce from her husband of 10 years, Rupert Sanders. According to, R0ss has been unhappy for a long time, even before Sanders’ scandal with actress Kristen Stewart. In July of 2012, Sanders was caught kissing Stewart who was the working with him on the film Snow White and The Huntsman. Ross apparently tried to work things out with Sanders but eventually gave up and filed for the divorce in January. A source said that Ross was unhappy about having to move from England to the United States, but she did it for her husband. She also had a hard time being a housewife and having  a husband who was never home. Ross admitted to YOU Magazine in July 2012 that she felt isolated. After finding out about Sander’s inappropriate behavior, Ross wanted to make it work for their children, but came to realize that she just could not get over being betrayed by her husband.

What are some ways to trust your partner again after they cheat? 

Cupid’s Advice:

It can be difficult to trust someone after they betray you, but sometimes you feel the need to do it for reasons such as children. Cupid has some tips:

1. Communication is key: Tell your partner how their affair made you feel but also listen to why they cheated in the first place. Sometimes people cheat because they feel that something was wrong with their relationship. Listen to what they say but do not blame yourself for their actions, they chose to cheat. Figure out what needs to be improved in your relationship and fix it. This is a chance to communicate about what each of you can do to make the other happier.

2. Keep the past in the past: Once you decide to move past the affair and continue your relationship with your partner, do not bring the affair up in future arguments. This will only cause the arguments to escalate and neither of you will ever be able to move past it. You decided to forgive your partner therefore you chose to move past it, this means keeping it in the past.

3. Trust takes time: Rome was not built in a day and neither will your trust for your partner. It will take time for you to regain trust in your significant other. You will feel stressed and you will think about the affair often, but time will heal the wounds.

How would you go about regaining trust for your partner if they cheated? Comment below and let us know!