Cupid's Pulse Article: Kristen Stewart’s Ex-Beau Michael Angarano Is EngagedCupid's Pulse Article: Kristen Stewart’s Ex-Beau Michael Angarano Is Engaged

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Michael Angarano has settled down with new costar, Juno Temple. Kristen Stewart’s ex-boyfriend before Robert Pattinson met Temple on the set of Brass Teapot. A source from reported that the love doves instantly fell for each other. Angarano is no longer hooked on the infamous Stewart, and he is more than happy with Temple. states that Angarano is very serious about Temple.

How do you show happiness for your ex when he/she moves on?

Cupid’s Advice:

No matter how clean cut the breakup might have been, showing happiness for your ex is challenging. After countless nights of crying to your closest friends and eating every type of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream available, you want to move on. Even if you want to move on, it is hard to see your ex move on. Here are some ways to help moving on:

1. Double date: Double dating is always a lot fun! Even if you are sitting across from your ex, you will enjoy the time. Your ex will know how happy you are for them since you’re out to dinner with another person!

2. Give advice: One of the best ways to show your ex that you have moved on is to help them with their current fling. Your ex will appreciate your guidance and assistance. Also, they will notice that you are happy for them since you are comfortable talking about their new partner.

3. Get a haircut: Although this may not seem like an important thing to do after a breakup, trimming some hair and vamping up your wardrobe will do tons. Your ex will notice a new, and better you. A person who is no longer moping,or constantly in sweatpants. Your ex will instantly notice that you are happy for their move and appreciate it.

Have you shown happiness for your ex? Explain how below.