Cupid's Pulse Article: How to Make Your Lady Feel Special This Valentine’s DayCupid's Pulse Article: How to Make Your Lady Feel Special This Valentine’s Day

By John Powers

There is a very serious holiday fast-approaching, and you need to be prepared. This holiday does not require you to fast, dress in green or be good all year. It’s Valentine’s Day, the one day each year designed to help people celebrate love. Even those of us who say we are not celebrating secretly want to be kissed and spoiled. Here are a few ways to make you lady feel special this year:

1. Ditch the Ordinary

Try something other than chocolate and flowers. Think of something your sweetie really likes and surprise her. Get that rare collectible figurine she pointed out a few months ago. Leave it on her dresser. Give her a silver necklace. Put it in an empty chocolate box and wait for her to open it. The look on her face will be priceless.

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2. Get Romantic

Plan a special date that doesn’t focus on going out to the bar. This is Valentine’s Day, not Santa Con. You can still partake in intoxicating refreshments, but make reservations at a classy restaurant. Make your partner feel like she’s the only girl in the world. Nothing says love better than a candlelit dinner and some sweet somethings.

3. Look the Part

Dress up for this special day. Take off the Pearl Jam T-shirt and put on a sweater vest. Your lady will appreciate the effort and feel proud to be out with you. The worst thing you could do is show your significant other a half-hearted Valentine’s Day. Keep in mind she’s going to tell her friends and family all about it. Give her something to brag about and take plenty of pictures.

4. Make Every Day V-Day

This magical holiday comes once a year, but it’s important to make your woman feel special every day you spend together. My girlfriend likes hand sanitizer but using it leaves her hands dry and chapped. I decided to grab her some scented sanitizing lotions. The thoughtfulness of my random act of consideration made her exclaim, “You make every day feel like Valentine’s Day!”

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It may not mean a lot to us men. Everyone likes chocolate, but we don’t much care for flowers. Think of what it means to your lady. It should feel good to make her feel special. Trust me that you will be handsomely rewarded. Go the extra mile this year and make it one she’ll remember for years to come.

John Powers is a dating and relationship adviser who performs standup comedy and writes the male perspective for Beauty and the Beast, a weekly comedic dating and relationships advice blog. He recently released a music video for his latest single – a parody of Hey There Delilah.