Cupid's Pulse Article: Peter Facinelli’s Girlfriend Jaime Alexander Stuns on the Red CarpetCupid's Pulse Article: Peter Facinelli’s Girlfriend Jaime Alexander Stuns on the Red Carpet

By Andrea Surujnauth

Peter Facinelli and his girlfriend, Jaime Alexander, hit the red carpet for the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards. The Twilight actor was envied by men all around the world because of his beautiful raven-haired sweetheart. Alexander dazzled the red carpet in a jaw dropping black gown with an open back and plunging neckline, according to Facinelli and Alexander are co-stars in Nurse Jackie. They first debuted their relationship on Nov. 15th during The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn Part 2 screening.

What do you do if your friends find your mate attractive?

Cupid’s Advice:

Jealousy can really mess up a good relationship, so what do you do if your friends are always coming on to your partner? Cupid has some advice:

1. Don’t sweat it, enjoy it!: Your friends want what you have. Revel in it! Your partner is with you for a reason so don’t worry about your friends finding your mate attractive because your mate finds YOU attractive. As long as your friends don’t get out of line, take it as a compliment that your friends think your sweetheart is hot, because that gorgeous babe is with you!

2. Make it apparent that you two are close and happy together: If you feel that your friend would try to make a move on your partner, show them that the relationship the two of you have is unbreakable. Laugh about a funny inside joke together in front of your so-called friend. Get close to one another. Do not fight or argue in front of your friend. Doing so will make them feel that they could use the argument as a tactic to get close to your mate. so be careful! And most importantly, if you feel that your friend would make a move on your mate, then that is not a true friend and you need to throw that person out of your life immediately.

3. Watch body language: If you see that your friend is getting flirty with your sweetie then be truthful and tell your friend that their behavior is unacceptable. Be honest with your friend about your suspicions. If your friend continues to act inappropriately then cut them out of your life permanently.

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