Cupid's Pulse Article: Dick Van Dyke Opens Up About His New WifeCupid's Pulse Article: Dick Van Dyke Opens Up About His New Wife

By Jessica Conigliaro

For Dick Van Dyke, the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) was a night of celebration for many reasons. According to People, he received the Life Achievement Award, and coincidentally returned to the same event where he met his wife Arlene during the 2006 SAG ceremony. Although half his age, the two are happily married with Van Dyke gushing in a recent interview on, “I found the perfect one.”

How do you know if your partner likes you for you?

Cupid’s Advice:

Finding someone that loves and respects you unconditionally can be a challenge. When there are differences such as age, money or social status it can often leave you (or others) questioning the sincerity of the relationship. Here is some helpful advice on how to tell if your partner likes you for you:

1. Listening and attention: Knowing if someone is actually interested in you has a lot to do with body language; do they look you in the eyes when you talk, or is their attention somewhere else? If they are giving you their undivided attention, and taking the time to ask questions about who you are, that is definitely a good sign. However, if you feel that your partner only talks or thinks about their own needs and desires, you should remain cautious and keep watch over their behavior.

2. Respect for your needs: A major factor in healthy relationships is respect. If your partner interrupts you every time you talk, ignores you when you’re out with friends, or puts more attention on himself than you, this could be a warning sign of someone who isn’t with you for you. In a relationship, your significant other should be boosting about you in public or social situations.

3. Compliments and affection: It is often a difficult process to get guys to tell us how they feel. However, when someone is truly interested in you, they can’t help but express their emotions. This can be done as simply as them saying that you look beautiful or that you made a wonderful meal. If your partner has introduced you to friends and family, that is another sign that they are sincere about having you in their life.

What are some signs you look for when dating someone new? Share your thoughts below.