Cupid's Pulse Article: Michelle Kwan Says She ‘Shed So Many Tears’ On her Wedding DayCupid's Pulse Article: Michelle Kwan Says She ‘Shed So Many Tears’ On her Wedding Day

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Michelle Kwan walked down the aisle dressed head to toe in a flowing ivory Vera Wang dress, approaching the love of her life, Clay Pell. Most brides express emotions on their wedding day, however, and according to PeopleKwan shed “so many tears.” With all of her closest friends and family, Kwan was hit with emotions like a hurricane. The Providence Journal reported that after the ceremony, family and friends gathered together with sparklers as the new couple walked out of the church.

How do you support your nervous bride on your wedding day?

Cupid’s Advice:

Cold feet on a wedding day is a common. Brides and grooms tend to bunch up their emotions and have a mini breakdown. The great thing here is that family and friends are willing to help with ‘said’ wedding-jitters. Here are some other ways to subdue the jitters:

1. Glass of wine: Sit your bride down and give her a glass of wine. If the bride asks for another glass, be careful. You don’t want a burgundy colored dress, or a drunk bride stumbling down the aisle.

2. Wedding playlist: Organize a playlist with the bride’s favorite songs. Include some mellow classic jazz, such as Louis Armstrong or Duke Ellington. You should include a few upbeat songs, too, so the bride gets excited for her wedding. Make her feel comfortable with the sounds of music.

3. Pep talk: Gather up your best pep-talker in the group. The person who can cheer up anyone’s day, or the person who always knows what to say is your best choice. Inform this person about the bride’s jitters and send them in there to shut them down! Make sure the pep-er explains to the bride how much the groom loves her, and how much her family and friends love her. Apply pep talk, and gather rewards!

Have you supported a nervous bride on her wedding day? Share your experiences below.