Cupid's Pulse Article: Prince Harry Says He’s ‘Thrilled’ About Royal PregnancyCupid's Pulse Article: Prince Harry Says He’s ‘Thrilled’ About Royal Pregnancy

By Meghan Fitzgerald

People reports that Prince Harry is ecstatic to come home and be an uncle after returning from the war. Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their first child in July. With humor, Prince Harry stated that it is “about time” for the love birds to have a child. Although Prince Harry is ‘thrilled,’ he also explains to Hollywood Life that he doesn’t find it fair for the couple to force their pregnancy news. Harry is looking for ‘the one’ … someone who isn’t frightened by the royalty.

What are some ways to support your pregnant friend or relative?

Cupid’s Advice:

It is necessary to show your pregnant friends and relatives that you are there for them. No matter the circumstance, it is essential to let them know you are ready to help them out. Here are some other ways to support them:

1. Allow them time alone: Although your pregnant friend or relative may want you around to assist with baby showers, or do obscure food runs, or just simply be around. It is necessary to give them some time for themselves, let them take a deep breath and relax. A huge way to support them would be to set up a hot bubble bath with a cup of tea and let their emotions fade out.

2. Help with the baby shower: Being pregnant is not always easy. With doctors appointments, constant belly rubs, possible active work, a baby shower seems impossible. Most mothers are ecstatic to celebrate their baby on the way with a shower. To support your friend or relative, help them with the planning and organization of the shower. Help make invitations, or gather food together. You could also put together a trivia game, or find a venue for the shower. This takes a toll off the mothers’ shoulders.

3. Offer them a foot massage: Yes you may be opposed to this however, think of all the weight and stress that mother is putting on her feet. A foot massage would allow them to unwind, relieve some stress, and give you a few extra bonus points.

Have ways to support? Explain below.