Cupid's Pulse Article: Brooklyn Decker Talks About Marrying YoungCupid's Pulse Article: Brooklyn Decker Talks About Marrying Young

When model Brooklyn Decker married tennis star beau Andy Roddick last year at the age of 22, she was considered a young bride by today’s standards.  But People reports that Decker doesn’t consider it unusual, partly because her and her husband’s families have a history of marrying young.  Decker told Page Six Magazine, “It wasn’t weird for me… My mom got married when she was 19, and my husband’s parents got married young – in their 20s.  And both sets of parents are still together.”  Decker added that her career as a successful swimsuit model and her husband’s position as a world-class tennis player helped make walking down the aisle an easy choice.  “We both were successful on our own, we both had our own income, we both had our friends, but it’s just what we wanted,” Decker said.  “It was never part of my plan to get married young, but we did it because we really wanted to.”

What are the benefits of marrying young?

Cupid’s Advice:

Today there are many reasons to put off marriage, but some people still choose to marry young.  Cupid has some insight on when marrying sooner rather than later might actually be a good idea:

1. Your career is on track: If you feel like you have a good job and can make it on your own financially, you’re ready to get married.  Some people get married young because they need support from a partner, but if you’re like Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick and you both have successful careers, there’s no reason to wait.

2. You want to have kids early: If your dream is to be a mother by 25, marrying young is a great way to reach that goal.  That way you have a family intact early in life, and you won’t be in your 70’s when your kid goes to college!

3. You have religious ties: Sometimes religious couples get married young because they have made a vow of celibacy.  Religion and deep-seeded beliefs can often times be a great foundation for a relationship, even if that relationship begins at an early age.