Cupid's Pulse Article: The Bachelor: Lesley M. Breaks Record for the Show’s Longest KissCupid's Pulse Article: The Bachelor: Lesley M. Breaks Record for the Show’s Longest Kiss

By Meghan Fitzgerald

We’re only three weeks into the current season of The Bachelor, and tensions are already high. It seems as if one luck contestant, Lesley M., made Bachelor, Sean Lowe, want more after their initial meeting. Lowe toured Lesley to the Guinness World Records Museum. As the tour approached its end, Chris Harrison popped out of nowhere and explained the point of the date. According to, the two love birds would kiss on screen for 3 minutes and 16 seconds. Huffintgton Post reports that the couple enjoyed a rooftop dinner after.

How can a kiss help you determine if your partner’s ‘the one’?

Cupid’s Advice:

It is always challenging to determine if your partner is ‘the one’ or not, and the kiss you two share is a telling factor. The kiss should emit fireworks! Cupid has some other ways a kiss can help you determine if your partner’s ‘the one’:

1. Butterflies: Butterflies are relatively self explanatory. You either feel them, or you don’t feel them. The butterflies felt vary from person to person however, if you get the ultimate feeling of flurries in your stomach when you’re with your partner, it is easier to determine. Having butterflies with your partner makes it easier to know that their ‘the one.’

2. You feel “it”: This can also relate to butterflies however, when you kiss, you just know they’re ‘the one.’ You automatically know that your partner is the only one who “gets you.” The only person you want to wake up to. The one person you can share everything with. When you kiss, you simply just feel “it.”

3. They lifts up your chin: Although this may seem like a small gesture, it means a lot. When your partner lifts up your chin to kiss you, it shows that they want to gaze into your eyes. It shows you how much they truly care for you and possibly love you. It shows that they’re gentle yet romantic. It shows that they just may be ‘the one.’

How does kissing help you determine how much you like someone? Share your thoughts below.