Cupid's Pulse Article: Guys Edition: How To Behave Like A GentlemanCupid's Pulse Article: Guys Edition: How To Behave Like A Gentleman

By David Wygant

What qualities does a woman desire most in a man? Confidence? Humor? Good looks? No, what a woman wants from the man she is dating is for him to behave like a gentleman.

Men, here is what a woman wants:

She wants you to open the car door when you pick her up. She wants you to pull out her chair when you’re having dinner. At the end of a date, she wants you to walk her to the door and give her a sweet kiss. She wants you to compliment her, but not go over the top like you’ve never complimented a woman before. When she sleeps at your house for the very, very first time, she wants a new toothbrush along with clean sheets and towels.

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Women want good old-fashioned romance. That’s why they want you to call them instead of text them. They like you to reconfirm a date instead of just showing up. And one of the most important things is…don’t ever ask them what they want to do. Instead, just take them somewhere; plan a date, figure out who they are and what they’re all about, and then take them on a journey.

If a woman says no to you when you’re pursuing a physical relationship with her, respect her and say, “Hey, I understand. We don’t know each other well enough yet, and that’s cool. I’ll take things at your pace.”

It’s about being a gentleman, and a lot of men just don’t understand that. When you behave like a gentleman, you’ll actually get a lot more out of a relationship than you ever imagined.

But instead, most men behave like Captain Cavemen. They don’t plan; they don’t let her walk through a door first; and they battle their way through a restaurant, competing for the same spot at the table. Most men have no clue how to lead. They just act like aggressive buffoons.

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Don’t be that guy.

The next time that you’re out with a woman, when you’re sitting across from her at dinner, look at her, and make sure that she’s happy and content. More importantly, make sure you’re acting like a gentleman and you’re allowing her to actually get to know you.

Remember that when you act like a gentleman, you actually get the girl and everything else that you want.