Cupid's Pulse Article: Daniel Radcliffe Puts the Moves on Costar Erin Darke at Sundance Film FestivalCupid's Pulse Article: Daniel Radcliffe Puts the Moves on Costar Erin Darke at Sundance Film Festival

By Michelle Danzig reports that Daniel Radcliffe and  Erin Darke looked extra cosy at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on Friday, January 18. After appearing affectionate most of the night, Darke was seen with her hand on Radcliffe’s knee at their VIP table. The Harry Potter star took part in even more PDA when he left the venue with his Kill Your Darlings costar. According to a source, the two are quietly dating in New York. Radcliffe spoke with Us at the Kill Your Darlings premiere on Saturday. Avoiding questions about his alleged relationship with Darke, Radcliffe was strictly business.

How do you show you’re interested in someone without telling them in words?

Cupid’s Advice

Even with so many forms of communication today, it may still be difficult to tell someone you are interested. If you are having trouble finding the perfect words to say, why not try communication with your body. Certain types of body language are indicative of interest. Find out below how you can use these ways to communicate your interest without telling them verbally:

1. Lean in: One of the best ways to show someone that you are interested in them is by leaning closer to them. As humans, our natural body language points towards the person that we are interested in.

2. Don’t be afraid to touch: Obviously this has limits, but there is a certain power in touch. Occasionally reach over and touch your date’s arm or lean your head on their shoulder during a good laugh. The other person with be more likely to notice your desire to make a connection.

3. Look them in the eye: Eye contact is a strong signal of interest. It’s a direct sign of where his/her attention lies. Try glancing at your love interest from across the room or, when in conversation, look them directly in the eye.

How do you use non-verbal communication to show someone that you like them? Share your ideas below.