Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Ways Your Friends Can Help Save Your RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Ways Your Friends Can Help Save Your Relationship

By Ashley DelBello

Bringing your friends in to help with your relationship woes can be tricky, but there are several times when it’s essential to have them by your side. Whether it’s during a fight with your significant other or when you just need someone to talk to, your friends know you best and can prove helpful.

Before pulling them to into whatever situation it may be though, you need to be prepared to hear things that you may not want to hear as your friends will also provide you with the truth — which may or may not be pleasant.

Read on to find out why your friends are a necessity in your love life:

1. Friends give you an excuse for much needed alone time. If you spend too much time with someone, he or she is bound to annoy you at some point — which is normal, but may mean you could use some time apart even if it’s only for a few hours. Your friends provide you with a reason to get out of each other’s faces and enjoy some time to yourself. Healthy relationships stem from couples who can have fun with and without their significant other.

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2. Provide a change of pace. You love spending time with each other, but sometimes it may get a little boring with just the two of you. Consider hanging out together with one of your mutual friends to help liven up the dynamic. Just make sure to choose a fun person that you both enjoy hanging out with!

3. Proof your texts. Or email or whatever conversation you’re about to have with your beau. Sometimes we can be so upset with the person we’re dating that we want to immediately call them out on it. However, if you’re hesitant to push that send button or have that nagging feeling that you may be overreacting, call a friend first. A friend of mine even has a designated person who she calls or sends her text to first when she’s feeling it could be a bit overboard. Talking it out with a friend or even just sending them the text may just be all you need before potentially causing unnecessary havoc in your relationship.

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4. Someone you can candidly vent to. Sometimes you just need to vent about whatever is annoying you about your partner and a friend can be that healthy outlet. However, for bigger issues your friend shouldn’t be the only one that you’re communicating with. You can save the small ones or the minor venting for friends, but don’t forget that you should also be able to talk openly with your lover.

5. Make sure it’s a trustworthy and rationale friend that has met your partner. If your friend knows your significant other, it’s easier for that friend to provide objective and more useful advice. Your friend will be able to see both sides and hopefully help you to a clear path of resolution.

Tell us: How have your friends helped you in the past with your relationship? Was it helpful or hurtful?