Cupid's Pulse Article: Kara DioGuardio Prepares to Welcome a Baby BoyCupid's Pulse Article: Kara DioGuardio Prepares to Welcome a Baby Boy

By Meghan Fitzgerald

Kara DioGuardio, Grammy nominated songwriter has confirmed that she and husband Mike McCuddy will welcome a baby boy via gestational surrogate in the weeks to come, according to People. DioGuardio suffered numerous fertility issues and multiple failed IVF attempts over the past few years. Recently, she mentioned that she would love to become a mother, but isn’t rushing anything. The pair decided to try something different with a surrogate (a friend of the couple), and it worked!

What are the benefits of using a surrogate to carry your child?

Cupid’s Advice:

When it comes to fertility issues in women, surrogates are an exceptional option. To become a mother is an aspect of life that most women dream of. Not being able to have a baby is one of the most frustrating and heartbreaking events in a woman’s life. Here are some benefits to welcome a child via surrogate:

1. Ability to have a child: For those women who are incapable of having a child, surrogates are an essential part of their happiness. With the option of a surrogate, women are given a sense of hope that they will be able to mother a child.

2. Sustain body image: Although it may seem selfish and in a way precocious, but a women will be able to maintain their figure and have a child at the same time. Women will be able to raise their child given from the surrogate and won’t have to worry about getting back in their shape.

3. Same-sex couples: Homosexual men and women are given the opportunity to have a child with surrogates.

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