Cupid's Pulse Article: Find Out the Truth Behind Britney Spears’ Split with Jason TrawickCupid's Pulse Article: Find Out the Truth Behind Britney Spears’ Split with Jason Trawick

By Meghan Fitzgerald

The rumor mill has been turning when it comes to the truth about Britney Spears and Jason Trawick’s breakup. January 11th was a sad day for love, as a rep for the two stated to Life and Style Magazine, “Britney Spears and Jason Trawick have mutually agreed to end their one-year engagement. As two mature adults, they came to the difficult decision to go their separate ways while continuing to remain friends.” According to Hollyscoop, Spears’ father did not play a part in the split between the two celebs. Both Trawick and Spears insist they will remain great friends.

What are some red flags in a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. Distance: It is never a positive aspect of a relationship when you don’t feel as close to the person you spend all your time with. The red flag should be thrown up when you do not feel a strong connection to your partner because the distance between the two of you has been excessive. This distance does not always have to mean physical distance between the two of you however, an emotional distance can loom even from being together.  You need to confront your partner and discuss the distance you feel amongst the two of you.  Once that distance is felt, your possible love and future plans may be jeopardized, so make sure to throw the flag!

2. Secret phone calls: In relationships, one of the persons involved tend to become a bit paranoid or nervous, constantly thinking the other is cheating. When secret phone calls come in, you better throw that red flag darling. That person needs to be called out on their constant mysterious phone calls. Put aside all assumptions that you’re crazy, or there is nothing going on because he is “perfect.” Wouldn’t you rather find out sooner than later if the person on the other side of the secret phone calls was another woman?  If your beloved partner goes outside or into the bathroom for a “work call,” throw the flag up. Don’t risk it.

3. Unresolved fights: The worst types of fights are not the explosive, unbearable, destructive ones. Rather, the ones that get put aside to the next day and are never touched on again.  When your significant other wants to talk about it tomorrow, throw up the flag sweetie. If your partner wants to be with you, they should have to fight for you also. Which means fighting even when they don’t want to.

When have you thrown up the red flag? Explain below!