Cupid's Pulse Article: Bradley Cooper Reunites with Exes Jen Aniston and Jennifer Lopez at Golden GlobesCupid's Pulse Article: Bradley Cooper Reunites with Exes Jen Aniston and Jennifer Lopez at Golden Globes

By Nic Baird

Bradley Cooper ran into two of his exes, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston, at the Golden Globes on Sunday, reports. The single actor, who now has an Oscar nod for his role in Silver Linings Playbook, engaged in animated conversation with Lopez, and shook boyfriend Casper Short’s hand. The two also had a chance to chat at the CAA’s Golden Globes pre-party on Friday. There, Aniston also rushed over to Cooper and gave him a big hug. Cooper dated Lopez in 2011, and Aniston in 2009.

What are some ways to remain civil after a breakup?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s difficult to maintain civil relations post-breakup, but being the better person will always pay off when it comes to love. Don’t reminisce about the good times. There’s no point in dwelling on someone who can’t be a part of your life. Follow this advice to be polite and not lose your cool:

1. Forget the past: This person may have been important to you only very recently, and¬† it may be hard to accept that they’ve lost all relevance to your life. If you saw this person as your partner, and now they can’t fill that role, trying to figure out a new dynamic or identity is difficult if you hang on to the past. Don’t weigh yourself down with issues that aren’t your problem anymore! Move on, and don’t hold a grudge!

2. Be comfortable: Laughter and smiling expressed friendship to your former partner. If you’re on edge, being able to laugh can relieve tension between you and your ex. Be friendly, but don’t reminese about anything too specific from when you dated. Convey that while you’ve moved on, you’re still happy to see them.

3. Don’t be emotional: It’s easy to open up to someone emotionally when you have a history of confiding in them. However, this will make things complicated for your ex, as well as for you emotionally. Stay away from this type of conversation unless you can handle it without being affected.

How have you dealt with a recent breakup? Share your experiences below!