Cupid's Pulse Article: Busy Philipps Explains Announcing Her Pregnancy on TwitterCupid's Pulse Article: Busy Philipps Explains Announcing Her Pregnancy on Twitter

By Meghan Fitzgerald

As the comedian she is, Cougar Town star, Busy Philipps disregarded all traditional ways of telling family and friends about her pregnancy and went to Twitter.  According to People, Philipps became aware that someone was going to spread her pregnancy over the Internet, so her husband, Marc Silverstein simply said, “You know what? Eff them. Just Tweet it, and then you put it out there and it is what it is.”  Philipps discussed on an appearance on Anderson Live that she didn’t want to make a celebrity statement describing how “happy” the couple is for the new addition to the family. Instead, she wanted her news to come from her own voice.

What are some creative ways to announce your pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice:

It seems to be almost a sort of competition of who can have the cutest, and most endearing way to announce their pregnancies to their family and friends. You want to ease into your announcement, no rush, no pain, just a happy announcement. Here are some creative ways yo announce your pregnancy:

1. Postcard:  To your closest family and friends, send out a perfectly sculpted and crafted postcard describing your recent pregnancy. With this postcard already sent out, you could also include any ceremonies or parties occurring for the new addition of your family.  Another option for the postcard method is to scan it on to your computer and upload it to Facebook. This ensures that you included everyone in announcing your pregnancy.

2. Fortune Cookies: Order fortune cookies with a personal message inside exclaiming “We’re pregnant!” or “Another baby on the way!”  Have an intimate dinner with your family and friends and save the fortune cookies until the last part of dinner.  This is an easy, quirky, and creative way to announce your pregnancy to the people you love most.

3. Build-a-Bear: Although this approach may be more pricey than you’d like however, your closest family will absolutely love the special remark.  Make your own bears dressed up in either a diaper, pink clothes, or blue clothes.  Include the birth certificate specified for your expected date, and distribute! Your parents will especially love the bear, keeping it close to their hearts, preparing for their grandchild on the way.  The bear can also be used for your child’s’ first stuffed animal.

Tell us how you broke the news about your pregnancy below.