Cupid's Pulse Article: Ways to Remain Confident In Your Long-Term RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: Ways to Remain Confident In Your Long-Term Relationship

By Samantha Menjor

It has been a little over a year since the beginning of your official relationship with your significant other. While things are still going strong, you can’t help but to feel that your lives together have become more of a routine than the unsolicited passion you once held for each other. Weekly lunch dates and the occasional Saturday night movie have become the staple of your relationship.

While there’s nothing wrong with schedule and structure in your life, the lack of excitement and surprise in a long term relationship can cause a lack of confidence in you, your partner, and your future together. It makes one think that if the spark is gone only a year later, will your bond survive another year or even more, the next levels of a union such as moving in together and marriage? This common issue in the realm of love and relationships is one with several solutions that will not only increase the confidence between you and your beau, but bring the both of you closer and more in love than ever:

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1. Know your “love languages” — Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, and Quality Time. According to NY Times Bestselling author and marriage expert Gary Chapman, these are the five different ways in which people communicate and understand love. Understandably we need a little bit of each category; however there is usually one that speaks to each of us individually. While quality time may be most important to you, you partner may express their love best through words. Once you figure out which language you each relate to you can truly strengthen you long term relationship.

2. Spend Time Apart — Many times we forego our hobby interests, and friends to make time for each other in a relationship. With our busy schedules spending time together is often hard. However, it is important to still engage in those activities that made you happy before you met your partner. Whether it’s a night out with your friends or going to the gym be sure to take moments for yourself. This will make time spent together much more appreciated.

3. Don’t Settle into a Dating Rut–Dinner and a movie makes a good first or second date. However after several months of being together it may get a little boring. You are way past the point of getting to know each other so get adventurous with your dates. This is a great chance to experience your partner’s pastimes and maybe adapt it as your own. If you both enjoy the outdoors, for example, a nature stroll with a picnic at the end is a good way to switch it up. When you get creative with your dates you’ll never have to worry about a lack of excitement in your relationship.

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If you think your long term relationship has come to a standstill, take these suggestions into consideration. These are just three out of several ways to revive and better your bond for years to come. It’s important to realize that because you and your partner have been dating long term everyday will not be as thrilling and passionate as the first stages of your relationship. Increasing the confidence in your long term relationship is vital them to success and happiness of you both for the future.