Cupid's Pulse Article: Girls: Would You Pass The Bride-To-Be Test?Cupid's Pulse Article: Girls: Would You Pass The Bride-To-Be Test?

By Girls Meet Guys

We’ve all been there before, as a dutiful bridesmaid, friend or even as the bride herself. How well do you know your partner and what things should you know?

I’ve been to more than one hen’s night before as each of the above — friend, bridesmaid and bride. Invariably, at some point the bride takes part in a game in which she is asked ten to twenty questions about her husband-to-be, just to see how well she really knows him or perhaps, doesn’t know him. Whether you’ve answered the questions yourself or been an onlooker chances are you’ve uttered the words, ‘I wouldn’t know that about him’. Of course, you could be forgiven for not knowing the name of his third grade teacher, but some things you really should know.

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His Forte

We all have something we do really well, so do you know what your partner’s special skill is? Maybe he has the MacGyver factor and can get out of any situation with a paper clip. Maybe he’s so handy he could have his own home improvement show. It doesn’t have to be a news-worthy skill though; it could be as simple as his ability to give the best foot massage known to man. Big or small there will be something, so if you don’t know what your man’s skill is you might want to ask. It could even surprise you and you get the chance to lavish him with praise and score some brownie points along the way.

The Secret

He doesn’t have one? Wrong! He has one. It could be funny, tragic, criminal, heart breaking or embarrassing, but he will have one. He may not care that you know but just didn’t think to mention it or he may really prefer that you didn’t know. You may say, ‘Wow! I didn’t know that about you.’ You may also be completely shocked. How you move forward depends on what exactly he reveals and how strong your relationship is.

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Idiosyncrasy, Quirk Or Annoying Habit

He’s a noisy eater. He grinds his teeth in his sleep. He will only use white towels. He taps his foot when he’s anxious. Chances are you won’t notice these things in the honeymoon stage but as time rolls on you will. None of us are perfect and we all have things we’ll find odd, amusing or down right annoying about our partner. Relationships are all about understanding and tolerance, so without a good dose of each, your relationship may feel the strain.


What were his childhood dreams and aspirations? Whether they were real or fantasies of grandeur they are a window into the heart of your partner. The innocence of youth becomes dulled by the layers of time and to peel these back is to reveal a greater appreciation of who your partner is.

Is He A Giver Or A Taker?

It’s easy to be kind to the ones we love, but how would he score if a perfect stranger were involved? Would he give to a beggar on the street, offer an elderly person his seat on the train, or stand up to a bully? We all like to think we would pass if tested and likewise with our significant other. So how would your man stack up?

You may know all these things about your other half and pass the bride-to-be test with flying colours but if you’ve never considered these things maybe it’s time to ask.

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