Cupid's Pulse Article: Lily Allen Welcomes a Baby GirlCupid's Pulse Article: Lily Allen Welcomes a Baby Girl

By Michelle Danzig

English recording artist Lily Allen has announced the birth of her second daughter, according to People. The singer and her husband, Sam Cooper, who kept the pregnancy under raps for some time, introduced Marnie Rose Cooper, born on Tuesday, January 8. Allen and Cooper tied the knot back in June 2011 in Gloucestershire, England and have a 13-month-old daughter, Ethel Mary. After months of declining to confirm the pregnancy, 27-year-old Allen appeared in November on the red carpet during the British Fashion Awards radiant and pregnant. Allen Tweeted on New Year’s Eve that she wanted to end her three-year streak of pregnancy and planned on spending only a few more days pregnant. She had  been sampling curries in attempts to force labor. Allen thanked fans on Thursday for their overwhelming response and well-wishes about her pregnancy.

What are some ways to prepare for a newborn baby?

Cupid’s Advice:

Visiting the baby store can be exciting, but when you find yourself wander the aisles aimlessly, wondering what clothes to buy, you realize the preparing for a child can be stressful. It is more common than ever for pregnant mother’s to find out the gender of their baby before he/she arrives. Although this makes the preparation process slightly easier, you may be wondering what would be the best choices. Here are some excellent ways to prepare for your newborn:

1. Somewhere to sleep: Having a safe place where the baby can sleep is extremely important. Whether you plan on a crib, a bassinet or co-sleeping, having the right supplies is important. Stock up on mattress pads, blankets and padding to protect your baby. Give it a feminine touch by choosing a bedding in pink or purple or designs with butterflies, flowers or ladybugs.

2. Plenty of changing supplies: Be sure to stock up on diapers–they run out quickly. It is important to remember that female babies are more susceptible to infection then male babies, so stock up on wipes, be sure to wipe properly, and use plenty of ointment. Diapers are sold in various colors and designs as well, so feel free to add a feminine touch as well.

3. Baby clothes: As a woman, dressing up your little baby girl can be extremely exciting and fun. In Lily Allen’s case, she is expecting a second daughter only 13 months after the birth of her first. In scenarios like this, be sure to save your baby clothes. Infants grow quickly and their clothes do not. By keeping some clothes around as hand-me-downs, you will have some great, feminine items for your newborn while also saving some money.

How did you prepare for your baby girl? Share your thoughts below.