Cupid's Pulse Article: Is Kim Kardashian Still Upset that Kanye West Shared Their Pregnancy News? What Their Body Language Tells UsCupid's Pulse Article: Is Kim Kardashian Still Upset that Kanye West Shared Their Pregnancy News? What Their Body Language Tells Us

By Jared Sais

When Kanye West recently publicized that he and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian are expecting their first child at his concert in Atlantic City, some reports indicated that Kim wasn’t thrilled with her beau’s impromptu announcement. But after ringing in the New Year together and with their bundle of joy arriving in only a few months, our celebrity detective analyzed some recent photos to see if Kanye is still in the doghouse and if he will be keeping up with this Kardashian for the long haul.

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Picture #1: Holding Hands (moving clockwise from the top left)

From the time we are children, we learn that holding hands is not only a way to show comfort and unity, but it’s a form of affection as well. Since we get pleasure simply from the act of touching, holding hands naturally feels right, especially when it’s with those we genuinely care about. That’s why I always tell students in my seminars that frequent massages are one of the keys to a healthy relationship. In this photo, it’s easy to see that Kimye are definitely feeling secure and strong in their love for each other. Kanye leads his girlfriend in the traditionally dominant position with open body language and a broad, slightly puffed out chest.

Kanye has his other hand in his pocket (usually a defense mechanism designed to shield one’s self from discomfort) and is sporting a half-full smile (possible sign of preoccupation or worry). Even so, it could be nothing more than an indication that, unlike his bombastic stage persona, the rapper is still unaccustomed to having his personal life — especially his relationship — on display for all to see.

Picture #2: A Genuine Gesture of True Love

If you thought holding hands was cute, look how Kanye and Kim exchange two of the most frequently used non-verbal signs for attraction: Kanye with his arm wrapped around Kim, pulling her close, and Kim with her hand literally latching on to Kanye. This is certainly a common display of affection for Kim, who employed the same clothing grasp on her (not yet ex) husband Kris Humphries. This expression of fondness is at least consistent, if not genuine.

Kanye’s left hand is still in his pocket, and he’s continuing to exhibit his uneasiness with his surroundings (bizarre as it might seem for someone as brash as Kanye). Just because he is a performer doesn’t mean he is immune to wanting to shy away or hide from time to time. But since celebrities don’t always have that luxury, the most frequently employed non-verbal is to place your hand as close to yourself as possible in a comforting, defensive position.

It’s what he is doing with his right hand that tells me that Kanye genuinely loves Kim. He embraces her with an open hand, showing that he is open to her love and is allowing himself to be a little vulnerable.

More importantly, Kim and Kanye employ two of the distinct signs of non-verbal flirtation by smiling while gazing into each other’s eyes (despite him getting caught mid-blink) and tilting their bodies towards each other. As we learned in my previous article about J. Lo and Casper Smart, closeness implies closeness, and once again, these two are inseparable.

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Picture #3: A Perfectly Posed Photo

Despite the fact that this photo features a posed Kanye and Kim (meaning they both had time to prepare themselves), it is nonetheless revealing. A picture does say a thousand words, and in this case, the picture says adorable, as it perfectly captures their feelings for each other. Their arms and hands are interlocked, but like everything, the devil is in the details. Time to break out the trusty magnifying glass! Zoom in on their hands, and you will see that Kim’s left thumb is positioned directly on Kanye’s left hand in an almost-caressing manner, an obvious and revealing sign of love and affection.

Kim is absolutely glowing, and even though a Lance Bass look-a-like is giving a more natural smile in the background, it is clear that she is very much in love with Kanye, evidenced by her tilted head that is gently nuzzled into Kanye’s. As for Kanye, though he is not smiling, his chin is up and his right eyebrow is raised just a bit, displaying how proud he feels about his relationship with Kim.


Kim is head-over-heels in love with Kanye and has definitely forgiven him for letting their pregnancy news slip. While Kanye might be in more of the lust phase now, by the time their child is born, I suspect that he ‘ll prove that this relationship can only be “made in America.” It’s a love that will last much longer than many people expected.