Cupid's Pulse Article: Sean Lowe Hopes to Find a Wife and Mother on ‘The Bachelor’Cupid's Pulse Article: Sean Lowe Hopes to Find a Wife and Mother on ‘The Bachelor’

By Nic Baird

Season  17 star of The Bachelor Sean Lowe is looking for a woman to start his family, reports.  Lowe originally tried to woo Emily Maynard on The Bachelorette, but now he’s hoping to find the future mother of his children. “I want to start a family and just have a house that’s full of love and laughter,” the 29-year-old  Dallas insurance agent said. Lowe enjoys being an uncle to his sisters’ kids, but said he can only imagine how much it will intensify when he has his own.

What are some unconventional ways to find your perfect partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Some people are waiting to fall in love, but others can’t stand idle. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect partner, then here are some unconventional tips to make your search more aggressive:

1. Take risks: If you have a sudden urge to ask for someone’s number you saw in a coffee shop or spoke to on a bus, then do it. The worst that can happen is that they’ll say no. Don’t get your hopes up, but don’t be ashamed for giving it a shot. If you meet someone with the qualities you’re looking for, don’t let them slip by.

2. Go on blind dates: When you’re looking for potential partners, you might have to do some thorough dating to find the perfect candidate. Go on blind dates recommended by friends. It will at least give your search some filtration. You can always sweat the middle-man/woman for details on your date.

3. Online dating: There are  a lot of quality people looking for  love on the internet, and many healthy relationships have grown from the virtual field. You will have the chance to peruse potential dates, as well as weed out the weirder ones, all from the comfort of your home.

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