Cupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian Steps Out and Embraces Pregnancy CurvesCupid's Pulse Article: Kim Kardashian Steps Out and Embraces Pregnancy Curves

By Michelle Danzig

Kim Kardashian isn’t afraid to show off her pregnancy curves, reports. Only three months pregnant, Kardashian sported a sheer black shirt and black bra on the red carpet of 17th annual ICED Festival at Cowboys Dance Hall in Calgary, Canada, on Friday. With little to no sign of a baby bump, Kardashian, 32, said she feels good, but is definitely adjusting to all the changes in her body. Her boyfriend, rapper Kanye West publicly announced her pregnancy the day before New Year’s Eve at a concert in New Jersey. To stay in shape during her pregnancy, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is working with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, who helped sister Kourtney Kardashian lose 44 pounds in six months.

What are some ways to encourage the mother of your child to embrace her new body?

Cupid’s Advice:

Weight gain and body changes are inevitable during pregnancy. Add in the increased hormones and women become extra sensitive about their appearance. Because it may be difficult for the mother of your child to embrace her new figure, here are some ways you can help her feel more confident and beautiful:

1. Tell her she looks beautiful before she even asks: When women aren’t pregnant they will ask the inevitable, “Do I look fat in this?” question. If you spontaneously tell your partner that she looks beautiful, she will feel more comfortable in her new body.

2. Encourage her to wear something form-fitting: Most women work extra hard to cover up their baby bump. If you occasionally suggest that she wear the black dress you like so much when you go out on your dinner date, she may feel better showing off her curves.

3. Touch her–and her belly!: Show her some affection. Many men find pregnancy extremely attractive on women. Show her that you still find her body beautiful by touching her more often. Cuddling or simple just rubbing her belly will show that you appreciate the way she looks.

How do you help your baby’s mother feel comfortable in their new body? Share your comments below.