Cupid's Pulse Article: Why Are Women Addicted to Twilight?Cupid's Pulse Article: Why Are Women Addicted to Twilight?

by Dr. Niloo Dardashti for

NYC Psychologist Deconstructs the Allure of the Twilight Series

About ten years ago, Stephanie Meyer had a dream which inspired her to write one of the most esteemed series ever created. One could say that Meyer tapped into a collective unconscious of the female psyche, appealing to both adolescent girls and their grandmothers alike. Twilight is now over a $6 billion franchise. But what draws so many women to vampires and werewolves that make them borderline obsessed with it?

Now, The Twilight Saga is nearly a $6 billion franchise. Sales of the series’ books have eclipsed those of Harry Potter, and its newest installment has already grossed nearly $600 million. But what is the Twilight allure really about? What draws so many women to report being “addicted” to the saga and appear to be borderline obsessed with it?

As a couples therapist and psychologist who is fascinated with pop culture phenomena and the underlying aspects involved in peoples’ preoccupations, I created a documentary on this issue. Through a series of interviews with women and experts in the field of sex therapy and consciousness, and using Twilight as a vehicle for exploration, I ask classic questions that come up surrounding male-female dynamics: What do women want? What do men want? What makes relationships work? How can we keep connection and passion alive in a relationship?

Here is what I found out.

Women want connection and challenge

Twilight appears to tap into a universal longing for a partner with whom one shares a deep, distinct connection. Through speaking to many women (both in session and for the documentary), it seemed that a major aspect that women yearn for in men is that he be accepting and attuned, while maintaining a sense of unpredictability and gently challenging her.

Women long for the first-love feeling

While reading or watching Twilight, many women reported that they experienced memories of first loves and a longing for the intensity of feelings associated with a first love experience.

Foreplay still counts

There was also a consistent draw to the sexual tension between Edward and Bella and many women expressed their paradoxical feelings of appreciation for women’s sexual liberation while still nostalgic about a time when couples did not rush into sex, (thus lengthening the tension if you will). And we all know that by tension, we are also referring to most women’s favorite part of sex: foreplay.

We see ourselves in others

At the heart of the appeal of Twilight, we find that it triggers a fundamental longing to feel accepted and mirrored by an “other” and, in my opinion, a desire to accept oneself.

While the flourishing of a relationship takes consistent attention, effort, self-awareness, and an open heart, the issues that arise for many couples are timeless and often inevitable. Into the Twilight Haze attempts to deconstruct and explore several of these matters to help viewers discover different perspectives, offering concrete suggestions to men and women alike.

Is any of this true for you? Why are you addicted to the series?