Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Celebrities Who Don’t Know How to DateCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Celebrities Who Don’t Know How to Date

By Courtney Allen

Some of the hottest celebrities in today’s world find their soul mates on the Hollywood forefront. Couples from the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are deemed “the lucky ones” in just a handful of celebs who have hit the jackpot on love. But for others, dating is nothing more than a love taboo. After endless relationships, dates, splits, and shots at love, these five just can’t seem to settle down with the right one:

1. Taylor Swift: If there’s one thing Taylor Swift is known for, it’s her willingness to share her heart-wrenching and disastrous relationships with the entire world. This seems to be one of the many reasons why this flawless Cinderella can’t find a Prince Charming to last forever. Swift has dated a series of celebrities ranging from from John Mayer to Jake Gyllenhaal and she has the songs to prove it. The musical genius even confessed her dating troubles, telling British Cosmopolitan, “I don’t know how to make relationships last.” Swift may not be able to make them last just yet, but practice makes perfect. The gorgeous musician recently split from One Direction’s Harry Styles.

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2. John Mayer: Heartthrob John Mayer has a way with musical lyrics, but certainly not with the ladies. The smooth singer and his unfavorable habits were exposed with release of Taylor Swift’s “Dear John,” in which she calls Mr. Mayer out for a number of wrong-doings during their rocky relationship. The song called fans to speculate the 35-year old brown-eyed boy’s past relationships, which includes celebs like Jennifer Anniston, to see if he was a repeat offender of breaking hearts. It’s clear Mayer was nothing less than a heartbreaker for Swift. Let’s just hope Mayer takes better care of alleged new girlfriend, Katy Perry.

3. Emily Maynard: Both The Bachelorette’s and The Bachelor’s Emily Maynard has been in the center of love’s battlefield for the past two years. This sweetheart momma has been engaged twice since both shows have ended and still remains single. Her relationship status leaves us wondering exactly how this tan, blonde bombshell’s fairy-tale like relationships take a turn for the worst so quickly. Not only are her engagements called off, but they end rather messy with ex-fiancée Brad Womack’s insults and Jef Holms’ digs on Twitter. Seems like the last thing Miss Maynard needs is for her next few dating experiences to be televised for millions to see.

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4. Joe Jonas: One-third of the Jonas’ Brothers, Joe Jonas, has had his fair share of dating experiences amongst some of the youngest and hottest Hollywood starlets. His flings include powerhouse singer and actress Demi Lovato, Twilight star Ashley Greene, and even girl next door, Taylor Swift. It is said that Miss Swift’s “Forever and Always” is all about the boy band’s lead singer, but Swift wasn’t as forward in revealing who ripped her heart to shreds in this tune. Not much is said about the musician when it comes to dating, but it seems like he has some trouble keeping a girl around for good.

5. Flavor Flav: It’s hard to forget Flavor Flav as he was once the face of VHL for his popular reality television show Flavor of Love. The ex-rapper searched for three long seasons for a woman to call his own, with at least twenty five girls to hand-pick for himself, and still ended up with nothing. Flavor Flav did eventually find what he was looking for, but none of the girls from his show proved worthy. Even so, we can’t help but think the long chain-wearing goofball has trouble dating after several failed opportunities placed directly in front of him.

Which celebrities do you think have the most trouble dating? Share your thoughts with us!