Cupid's Pulse Article: Rihanna and Chris Brown Spend Christmas Together at Lakers GameCupid's Pulse Article: Rihanna and Chris Brown Spend Christmas Together at Lakers Game

By Jennifer Ross

It was Christmas in LA for Rihanna and Chris Brown this year. On Dec. 25, the returning duo celebrates Christmas together at the LA Lakers vs. New York Knicks basketball game being held at the Staples Center. An eyewitness tells Rihanna, 24, and Brown, 23, were “laughing and chatting.” Also, they seem to look “happy together.” The attire for the evening is all black, with Rihanna bearing her midriff and Brown wearing a leather jacket. Although Rihanna and Brown have spent more time together lately and tweeted photos showing them together, Rihanna still considers herself single. On Dec. 18 she tweets, “Being single sucks.”

How do you know when to give your ex a second chance?

Cupid’s Advice:

The fact is, there are many reasons why a relationship doesn’t work the first time. Yet, no matter what broke you and your ex apart, you both are once again ready to rekindle your love for each other. Should you do it or move on? Here are a few clues to tell you whether or not to reconcile:

1. Better timing: Perhaps one of you wasn’t ready for a serious relationship in the past. Now, you both are ready and in the right place/right time, mentally and emotionally. Only when you two are on the same path can your relationship have a real chance at flourishing.

2. Things are different: After analyzing your first time around, you and your ex have realized where things went wrong and want to try again in a different manner. Without understanding the past, you and your mate will return to being exes again.

3. Acceptance: At the end of the day, you and your ex partner truly accepted each other in true form. Furthermore, you both realize that the things that broke you two apart weren’t really that serious at all. Having someone that loves you for you is a great foundation to start with in a relationship.

How did you know to give your ex a second chance? Share your story below.