Cupid's Pulse Article: Jane Krakowski Talks Motherhood, Christmas Plans, “Sad Goodbye” on 30 RockCupid's Pulse Article: Jane Krakowski Talks Motherhood, Christmas Plans, “Sad Goodbye” on 30 Rock

By Jenny Schafer for Celebrity Baby Scoop

30 Rock star Jane Krakowski recently partnered with Bank Of America to raise thousands for Feeding America. The mom-of-one says that “giving back is such a big part of the holidays and Christmas.”

Jane opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her son Bennett, 20 months, and hosting Christmas this year in his honor. She goes on to talk about the “sad goodbye” on 30 Rock that will finish just days before Christmas. “They did a really great job” with the series finale and gave the “characters a beautiful send-off,” she says.

CBS: How is Bennett doing?

JK: “He is doing really well. It is so awesome to be a new mom; it’s absolutely great. Obviously this holiday time is a crazy time, because we’re juggling getting Christmas ready and wrapping up 30 Rock, and being a new mom and wanting to make it all special for Bennett.”

CBS: Can you tell us all about the recent charity event you attended for Bank of America?

JK: “I’m was happy to work at Bank of America and have access to all these mobile apps and online tools that help me get everything done, and also make donations to charity as well. It’s a great time to be giving to people who are in need.

Bank of America very generously donated a lot of money to the charity Feeding America. Through the very easy mobile app and online banking system, we had people come to the Bank of America, put a Christmas ornament on the tree, and by the touch of a button on their iPhone, iPad, or tablet, donate $250 each.

Bank of America donated $25,000 just on the day of the event, which was a larger part of a $2.5 million dollar donation to Feeding America over the whole holiday season.”

CBS: How do you juggle your busy career and family life?

JK: “I do it through organization, multi-tasking, being able to do a lot of things at once. It takes a village with lots of friends and family to help along the way. We’re really lucky; Bennett is a great kid and he brings us so much joy every single day. We feel blessed every day that we have all these things to juggle at the moment.”

CBS: What are your upcoming holiday plans? Is Bennett showing signs of excitement for the holidays?

JK: “This holiday season, we are hosting Christmas at our house for the first time in Bennett’s honor. He is the youngest child now, and I figured that the person who has the youngest child gets to throw the holiday get-together, because that is where all of the spirit of Christmas is. Christmas is, like, three days after we finish wrapping 30 Rock, so it is all a bit crazy right now.

We had fun getting the Christmas tree and we recently brought Bennett to Santa and got the classic screaming photo on Santa’s lap [laughs]. I also plan to get all of my Christmas shopping done. I am very excited about the mobile transfers, because I have nephews who at this point really just want cash. I am excited that I can just send them cash wherever they are, because they are all grown and at college or touring America with bands. There comes a point where they really don’t want the pajamas anymore, or the perfume they haven’t worn since they were twelve [laughs]. They would really just like to receive cash.

In regard to whether Bennett is showing signs of excitement for the holidays, I think he is. I think he is not sure what all the festive decorations in the house mean.”