Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Mad Men’ Star Ben Feldman Is Engaged to Girlfriend Michelle MulitzCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Mad Men’ Star Ben Feldman Is Engaged to Girlfriend Michelle Mulitz

By Nic Baird

Actor Ben Feldman proposed to Michelle Mulitz on Saturday, reports. The Mad Men star has given up the bachelor life now that he’s engaged to girlfriend Mulitz. The proposal happened while the couple was walking their dog. Feldman got down on one knee to Mulitz’s surprise. “They are the best couple,” a source said. “Very normal fun pair. Everyone is very happy for them.”

What are some ways to plan a spontaneous-style proposal?

Cupid’s Advice:

Lots of couples will eventually discuss marriage and possible next steps in their relationship. Though, when it does come time to pop the question, convention says you don’t want them to see it coming:

1. Rehearse your speech: Don’t go into the moment expecting the words to instantly pour from your heart. Give your feelings some thought and come up with a rough ideas of what you want to say. Address the key question, why should they marry you?

2. Use a distraction: Whether it’s dinner, a movie, or rock climbing in the Grand Canyon, make sure you have an excuse to bring your partner to where you need them and explanations for any activity. You have to avoid suspicion at all costs.

3. Get a friend to help: Brainstorming your proposal ideas are a good way to root out the best ones. Get a friend on board who can give you some feedback. It’s also important to have someone if your scheme requires any set-up or detailed maneuvering.

What great proposals have you heard about? Share your thoughts below!