Cupid's Pulse Article: A First Date on New Year’s Eve: Should You?Cupid's Pulse Article: A First Date on New Year’s Eve: Should You?

By Rachel Seliger, JDate for

The arrival of a New Year is an exciting time, but New Year’s Eve has also morphed into one of the most pressure-filled holidays for singles. Don’t stress yourself out — there are lots of great ways to have a fun and festive New Year’s Eve, with or without a date.

Who says you need to be attached to have a great NYE? For starters, focus on the things you do have — friends, family, health — and then follow my tried and true tips to have your best single New Year’s Eve yet.

– Gather your single girlfriends for a glammed-up girls-only night, and ring in the New Year together in style. Who needs a guy when you have great friends, champagne and cute new pumps!

– Everyone appreciates a little “me time.” Save yourself the stress of dealing with crowds, long lines and a bunch of weird people you don’t know — treat yourself to your favorite movie, Chinese takeout and a great night’s sleep. Wake up on Jan. 1 feeling refreshed and ready to greet the New Year with vigor (and no hangover)!

– New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to spend time fostering life’s most important relationships: those with family. Being with loved ones will take your mind off any qualms you may have about being single on New Year’s Eve.

– Get out of town!  Find a cute B&B or boutique hotel in a nearby city, or book a flight to visit an old friend. A quick trip is a great way to dodge the dreaded question of “What are your New Year’s plans?”, and you definitely won’t run into anyone you know!

– Why not break the mold and set up a first date? This might seem hard to believe, but you are NOT the only person spending New Year’s Eve single. By looking online you’ll find plenty of single guys who also don’t have New Year’s plans, and would love to spend the night getting to know someone. If you’re lucky, it might even end with a New Year’s kiss.

Aside from these tips, my best advice about being single on New Year’s is to not worry about having the perfect night — don’t do something that’s supposed to be fun just because you feel pressure. Instead, reflect on all of the positive experiences you had in 2012, start planning for 2013 and look forward to a year full of opportunity!

First date, girls’ night out or a quiet evening solo? What’s your dream New Year’s Eve on your own?