Cupid's Pulse Article: Brittani Senser Impressed by New Beau Levi JohnstonCupid's Pulse Article: Brittani Senser Impressed by New Beau Levi Johnston

Bristol Palin’s ex-flame Levi Johnston has managed to impress at least one person: his new girlfriend, singer Brittani Senser.  Senser revealed in an interview with RadarOnline that Johnston is a “really great guy.”  The two met while on the set of Senser’s new music video for the song  “After Love.” “It was like we knew each other even though we had just met,” said Senser.  While on the set, the pair got along effortlessly.  After Johnston’s second engagement to Palin was broken off, the two began to date.  Senser noted, “Now dating, I’m finding that he is really a sensitive, caring person.  Very bright; he’s funny.  He’s a great dad; he’s a natural.”Should you judge your partner by his past?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. Get the facts: Before you judge your partner by his past, you need to analyze the situation.  If your boyfriend has a history involving law-breaking, it may be more serious than a boyfriend who’s had several girlfriends. Be sure to collect all of the facts before making a sound judgement.

2. Make sure his past is really the past: A boyfriend with a history of partying too much who still parties too much has obviously not left his past behind him.  Try to determine whether your partner is still clinging to the past or if he’s truly trying to break free.

3. Look at the bigger picture: Try asking yourself, does it really matter?  If you and your mate are happy with living in the moment, then don’t trouble yourself by digging through his past.  If he’s let his past go, then you should follow his lead and also let the subject drop.