Cupid's Pulse Article: Tiger Woods Parties the Night Away with Multiple Women After Golf TournamentCupid's Pulse Article: Tiger Woods Parties the Night Away with Multiple Women After Golf Tournament

By Jennifer Ross

Tiger Woods is back to his partying ways. On Dec. 1, the pro-golfer danced all night long at California’s Westlake Village Inn right after his 14th Annual World Challenge Golf Tournament. An eyewitness reports to that Woods, 36, was surrounded by gorgeous women for most of his time on the dance floor. “Tiger was dressed in jeans and a beige sweater…At one point he was surrounded by a group of six women on the club’s dance floor!” To further get into the partying mood, Woods requests the DJ to play, ‘Tonight I’m F—ing You’ by Enrique Iglesias. This set the mood just right as the ladies loved his persuasive music choice. As Woods enjoys his single life, ex-wife Elin Nordegren is busy creating her dream home on the coast in North Palm Beach, FL.

How do you know when it’s time to stop serial dating and settle down?

Cupid’s Advice:

The single life is a wild ride, full of meeting new people and partying nights. No matter what day of the week, you can easily find a hot partier for the evening or several evenings, always keeping true love at arm’s length.  Yet, something has changed and you no longer want to be single. To help you cross over to the monogamy side, here are a few clues telling you it’s time to settle down:

1. Being alone: You no longer feel the need to fill every spare minute of your single life with party time. Instead, you now enjoy being alone with your own thoughts. Feeling comfortable in your own skin with no one around is a good sign that you might be ready to share that time with just one person.

2. Slow party nights: On the nights that you do go out, your main interest isn’t how many hot random people you can meet for future play dates. Instead, you now prefer to have a slower, quieter night out with a few good friends in a relaxing atmosphere. Clubbing all night just doesn’t appeal as much anymore.

3. Open mind: When you spend time with potential mates, you are more open to understanding their quirks instead of comparing them to your “perfect mate” list. Matter of fact, sometimes you even leave the list at home and let yourself simply have fun exploring each other’s personalities.

When did you know you were ready to stop serial dating and settle down? Tell us below.