Cupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Bethenny Frankel is ‘Unhappy’ with Husband Jason HoppyCupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Bethenny Frankel is ‘Unhappy’ with Husband Jason Hoppy

By Jennifer Ross

Sources confirm, Bethenny Frankel is not happy with husband Jason Hoppy. On the third season of Bravo’s Bethenny Ever After, the theme seems to be a whole lot of fighting. Now, sources tell, things are much worse. “Things have gotten even more strained in recent months. They’re fighting a lot.” With the feuds escalating to what they are, the self-made mogul, 42, and businessman Hoppy are spending more and more time apart.  Recently, Hoppy spent the day golfing while Frankel hosted her Skinnygirl’s Christmas party. Also, Frankel escaped in late November to a girls’ getaway, therefore, excluding Hoppy, 41. What’s a major reason for all the arguments? A source says it’s the differences in career ambition. Bethenny is said to be “very focused” while Hoppy is “not driven.” But don’t count these two broken up yet; Frankel still “wants to make it work. “

How do you know when to call it quits in your marriage?

Cupid’s Advice:

There can be many reasons why a marriage breaks down and falls apart. Sometimes, couples may run to divorce too quickly, following impulsiveness due to heated discussions. Other times, the slow build-up of breaking each other down will lead you to the same path. Whether you crawl or run towards divorce, understand if it’s time to pull the plug with these few clues:

1. You have tried it all: You and your spouse have tried the marriage counseling, the relationship nurturing retreats and the heart-to-heart communication. Even still, the relationship has not gotten any better. On the contrary, it only leads you further away from each other. Listen to yourselves; it’s time to go separate ways.

2. Abuse: If you are ever suffering from emotional, physical or even financial abuse from your spouse, this is a strong sign to end your marriage. It is one thing to disagree with personal matters in the relationship. However, no person EVER deserves to be abused. The best advice is — get professional help.

3. Exit planning: Once you or your partner begins researching and preparing for separation, it is safe to say that the end to your marriage is beginning. It’s one thing to think about how to legally get out of your relationship. However, taking action is clear indication that you or your mate has thought about divorce long enough to want it more than reconciling.

What reason led to know it was time to end your marriage? Share your story below.