Cupid's Pulse Article: Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris Are Re-EngagedCupid's Pulse Article: Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris Are Re-Engaged

By Jennifer Ross

It looks like these two love-birds are back at it again. At 86 years-young, Hugh Hefner is engaged again to Crystal Harris. To make it official, the couple took to Twitter to announce the news.  Playboy’s founder tweeted, “I’ve given Crystal Harris a ring. I love the girl.” Soon after, the 26 year-old fiancée posted pictures of her ring, calling it “my beautiful ring.” With all these announcements going around, what wasn’t mentioned at all was a wedding date. However, sources reveal to People the wedding will be on New Year’s Eve at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, which was the same wedding plan after their first engagement. In 2011, Harris called off the wedding days before the big day. Then, both Harris and Hefner bad mouthed each other; Harris calling Hefner a two-second man and Hefner stating he “missed a bullet” when the wedding was called off. Hopefully, these two can leave 2011 in the past.

What are some things to be careful of in an on-again off-again relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

From break up to make up, that’s all some relationship’s do. Your heart is broken and you worry how you can live without him/her. After endless hours of crying, your ex is suddenly back, professing love again. Sound familiar? Before jumping back into their arms for what could be another painful ride, consider these tips before getting hurt again:

1. Expectations: Even though you both may be very familiar with each other the second time around, expect to find a different person in your mate. For the one that broke up the relationship, realize that your partner may still be heartbroken and unable to trust you completely. For the partner that was dumped, understand that your mate may not have learned their “lesson” the first time around.

2. Repeating history: A common mistake reunited couples make is repeating their past relationship, especially when reconciling so soon after the breakup. Remember, that relationship failed. In order to prevent this, you and your partner need to give each other adequate time and space to reflect and heal in order to move forward together.

3. Know thyself: Are you too forgiving? Is your ex’s ego too confident that you will accept all their crap? Often times, these two personality types attract each other and entertain roller coaster relationships of up and down craziness. Understanding what your strongest personality trait is will help you to keep your feet grounded and your heart whole.

What lessons did you learn in your on-again off-again relationship? Tell us below.