Cupid's Pulse Article: Find ‘Love at First Click’ with Some Helpful Online Dating Tips From Laurie DavisCupid's Pulse Article: Find ‘Love at First Click’ with Some Helpful Online Dating Tips From Laurie Davis

By Michelle Danzig

With more online dating sites available than ever before, and the world of social media integrated into our lives, meeting someone new and having a successful relationship is so much different than it was just a few years ago. Take it from Laurie Davis, a former marketing consultant turned online dating expert, with her own personal story of finding love on Twitter. Davis, Founder and CEO of eFlirt expert and first-time author of Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating prides herself on her uncanny ability to match up happy couples. In an exclusive interview, she talks with us about her new book, and shares some helpful tips for anyone who wants to give online dating a try.

Can you tell us why you left your job in marketing? Of all of the things that you could have done, what made you choose the relationship industry?

I was burned in the Maddoff scandal. I worked in marketing as a consultant for Fortune 500, and one of my biggest clients was invested with Bernie Madoff. Needless to say, I lost that contract and a lot of others. I was really struggling to figure out how to pivot my knowledge and experiences into my next job, knowing that marketing consultant jobs were going to be hard to come by.

Then, one of my friends called and said that he was moving in with his girlfriend; I realized that I had helped him meet her online. In fact, I helped many of my friends meet their significant others online. It’s a lot like marketing, so all of the skills I learned professionally really applied. I started my business within 48 hours with 50 dollars in my pocket and a Twitter account.

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What would be the number one piece of advice you would give to someone new to online dating? 

My best tip is to experiment. Remember, online dating isn’t just dating sites; it is any technology that touches your life. Online dating is still really important, but I think it’s great to use “pop tech flirting,” which are other ways of meeting people online. Just be sure that the outlet is something natural to your life; I wouldn’t join Twitter to find dates if you don’t normally use Twitter.

What is the biggest challenge people face when starting out?

I think the biggest challenge people face when entering the online dating world is that they are too judgmental when viewing profiles. Remember that nobody is perfect on paper – even your perfect match probably won’t look that way on their profile. So, if someone sounds interesting, go ahead and start a conversation with him.

What is the biggest mistake someone can make when creating an online profile?

Writing too much. It is really easy to go on and on about yourself and what you want in a partner. Your profile should be a conversation starter, not the entire conversation. Keep your “About Me” section to three paragraphs: two about you and one about what you are looking for.

What are the three most important things that someone needs to do to find a successful relationship online?

First, you should join a site and develop your profile. Next, be active on the dating site. I know these sound super simple, but a lot of people think that if they simply put up a profile, they’ll automatically find love. You need to be an active participant in your dating life. Even if you are getting a lot of traffic to your inbox, it’s not only about the people who are interested in you; it’s about the people who you like too. And finally, get offline because that is where the relationship really happens. I have a very important rule that you should get offline after six emails. If he keeps dodging your request to meet in person, move on to the next guy.

You met your fiancé via Twitter. We’d love to know more about how your relationship developed!

When I first started my business, I searched for people on Twitter who were single and I thought may need my help. I also searched for other people in the industry. I was just getting a feel for what to expect with my new career path. Eventually, I came across Thomas; I thought he was so cute, and I loved his avatar. His tweets were so insightful, and he was giving such great advice.

So, I retweeted something he said, and we started chatting via Twitter. We found out that we both grew up in Boston, where Thomas was living at the time. When I was visiting my parents one weekend, I direct messaged him and asked him out for a drink. That was the beginning! We still flirt in 140 characters or less, even though we live together.

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Of all of your clients, which success story stands out the most?

One of my favorite stories is about a guy who was living in the south. When he came to me, he just wanted to meet new people in his area, not find a serious girlfriend. I helped him with his profile, and eventually, he realized that he was ready to make a commitment. A girl actually reached out to him and said, “I’ve never messaged anyone before, but your profile made me feel like I needed to say hi.” Now, they are actually married!

Any additional advice you can offer to our visitors?

Whether you’re looking for love online or offline, you just never know when or where you will meet someone. This is why it is so important to use online dating as an empowerment tool–so that you are in more control of your dating life. Hopefully if you take the time, you will find love at first click.

You can purchase a copy of  ‘Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating’ in bookstores and online from Amazon. For more information about Davis, visit You can also follow Davis on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t miss her live tweets during MTV’s ‘Catfish’ on Mondays at 11 p.m. EST!