Cupid's Pulse Article: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Keep Romance AliveCupid's Pulse Article: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Keep Romance Alive

Ever since Tom Cruise jumped on a couch on The Oprah Winfrey Show, people have doubted whether his relationship with Katie Holmes is real.  But as Cupid recently reported, the couple are still very much in love five years later, and do everything they can to keep the spark alive in their marriage.  In fact, Holmes recently told People, “My husband has red roses for me everywhere I go and whenever we travel.”  Both Cruise and Holmes are true romantics and are very affectionate toward one another and their 4-year-old daughter, Suri.  Holmes said, “Being a mother is so dreamy.”How can you tell if your partner is a true romantic?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. He doesn’t expect credit: If your partner waits to give you a dozen roses until you’re in front of your friends, he might be looking for positive recognition from someone besides you.  When he does sweet things without asking for credit or thanks, he’s a true romantic (and is so into you)!

2. He knows you: If he uses inside info to do lovey-dovey things that he knows you and only you would appreciate, then he is truly devoted.  For example, buying you a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day is sweet, but serenading you with your favorite Backstreet Boys song?  Dorky, but totally romantic.

3. He’s all about consistency: It’s easy for him to do sweet and thoughtful things at the beginning of the relationship when everything is new, exciting and he’s still trying to impress you.  But if he still pulls out your chair for you after 25 years of marriage, he’s a true romantic.