Cupid's Pulse Article: Extravagant Hollywood Couples’ Gifts Within Reach of Your BudgetCupid's Pulse Article: Extravagant Hollywood Couples’ Gifts Within Reach of Your Budget

By Shelly Cone

Ah, to be in love around the holidays! The peace, the goodwill … and the gifts. Of course, any holiday gift from your loved one is special, but if you happen to be in celebrity relationship, you can bet that special comes with a high price tag. As the holiday season draws near, we can only guess at what some of the most celebrated Hollywood couples are buying for each other. But based on what some celebrity couples have already given each other this year, it’s likely there will be some luxury under their trees.

Hollywood Couples’ Over-the-Top Gifts

There’s no word yet on what gifts newlyweds Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel will exchange for their first Christmas as a married celebrity couple, but with thoughtful Timberlake, it must be something good. When they wed earlier this year, he gave his new bride four stackable wedding rings that matched her 18-karat celebrity engagement ring.

Jennifer Lopez’s celebrity love Casper Smart will likely be waiting with anticipation at what lays under the tree for him this Christmas, considering Lopez gifted him with a white Dodge Ram truck for his 25th birthday this year. And when Kim Kardashian went birthday shopping for beau Kanye West (maybe she’s hoping for a ring this Christmas?), she selected a $750,000 Lamborghini as a gift. Wonder how she’ll top that!

Then, of course, there’s the queen of gift-giving Angelina Jolie, who reportedly has bestowed on her husband a $1.6 million helicopter with flying lessons and a $12,000 olive tree, among other things. Last Christmas, she gave Brad Pitt his own waterfall in California so that he can build his dream home.

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Shop Like You’re In a Celebrity Relationship

So if you’re not a member of the elite or in a Hollywood couple, how do you express your million dollar love without spending that much? Maybe you can’t buy your loved one a waterfall or a helicopter, but you can buy a gift that can help satisfy a passion for travel. Gifts for travelers can be extravagant or fit into any budget. If you are in California, a simple hike to the Nojoqui Falls in the Santa Ynez Valley or water rafting on the Kern River can easily fit into any budget and may be a fun substitute for giving your love a waterfall this Christmas. Just remember to gear up with some gifts for hikers before your trip!

For an even more budget-friendly gift, print out photos of him in his various travels and frame them in variety of sizes in a montage to his international experiences. Make sure the photos capture him looking his most worldly and he’ll be ecstatic about showing off your gift.

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Maybe your honey isn’t so much into travel, and instead, the waterfall is the thing that calms the senses of your practicing yogi sweetie. Help your gentle one find their peace without having to book a trip away from home. Some yoga DVDs can help them find their center. Add some yoga accessories, and you’ll be their hero — the kind, sensitive hero with the great abs.

Who wouldn’t want a luxury car? Unless you’re a socialite or a member of Hollywood royalty, keep dreaming. We’d all like that spectacular sports car as a gift, but the average person will be overjoyed over any gifted vehicle. Show your love you care for them as well as the environment with an eco-friendly (and budget-friendly) Honda fit. For less than $20,000, you can give your better half the nimble and fun to drive car that U.S. News and World Report ranks the number one affordable small car. With 28/35 miles per galloon, the Fit will prove to be a great fit for your bank account and your environmentally responsible sensibility.

But perhaps you want to put a sparkle in her eyes. While I’m sure the new Mrs. Timberlake is thrilled with her bling, it may not be in your best interest to buy the girl in your life a ring, unless she is The One. If you want the bling but want to keep things on the lighter side or maybe you’ve already given her that sparkler and want to buy her something fashionable, check out DuePunti Diamond Rings. The ultra affordable rings come in a variety of fashionable colors perfect for stacking along with a .02 ct. diamond ring in the center of each one. Your lady can mix and match or wear them all. And with the price, you can afford to buy several!

Your wallet may not be loaded, but there’s no doubting the love in your heart. Take a cue from those extravagant gift-giving celebs and buy something fantastically thoughtful but totally within reason. You don’t have to spend Kardashian money to give someone a happy holiday!

Shelly Cone is an award-winning journalist, copywriter, humor columnist and the owner of Beach Betty Creative. She writes for the love of it, laughs because she can’t help it and knows how to pick the perfect gift every time.