Cupid's Pulse Article: Lindsay Lohan Swipes Max George’s Sweatshirt Post-HookupCupid's Pulse Article: Lindsay Lohan Swipes Max George’s Sweatshirt Post-Hookup

By Nic Baird

Lindsay Lohan tweeted a photo of The Wanted singer Max George’s sweatshirt directly to him with the caption “missing something?” on Dec. 8, reports. The redheaded actress could have taken it when she saw George last week following his band’s concert in Philadelphia. The pair checked into a Boston hotel the next evening. George refers to his new friend as “fun” and “a good girl.” He’s also impressed by her stamina. “She can party nearly as hard as we can.”

How do you know whether you can trust a potential partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

For your own sanity of mind it’s important to trust your partner. Sometimes we can leap to conclusions, and we fall to the mercy of our own insecurity or past experiences. However, your partner should make an effort to earn your trust. Your relationship needs to find time to discuss trust when these aspects make you uncomfortable:

1. Values: It’s important to be aware of your partner’s priorities. Are they the type who can enjoy a monogamous relationship? Even if you’re just casually dating, you should make sure you’re both on the same page. At the very least, any relationship should have honesty and trust.

2. Transparency: As you grow closer, it’s natural that you’ll learn more about your partner’s life. Eventually you should have a good idea of how your significant other spends their day. If you’re often surprised by your partner’s actions, then you should question how much you know. For your own dignity you shouldn’t invade your partner’s privacy, but if they should not be resistant to communicating, and dispelling your doubts.

3. Respect: No matter how you’ve tailored your relationship dynamic, it should include respect. When you feel your significant other’s respect, trust comes more easily. Your partner should treat you well in public, and consider your feelings when acting.

What lets you know you can trust your partner? Share your experiences below!