Cupid's Pulse Article: Kyra Sedgwick Opens Up About Why She Loves Husband Kevin BaconCupid's Pulse Article: Kyra Sedgwick Opens Up About Why She Loves Husband Kevin Bacon

By Nic Baird

The Closer‘s Kyra Sedgwick has a lot of praise for her husband, actor Kevin Bacon, People reports. “He is so honorable. He is so ethically true. He has high moral standards, and he doesn’t lie and he doesn’t cheat,” she said in the January issue of Good Housekeeping. “I find that sexy!” The couple married in 1988, and Sedgwick said he still makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the room. The two are also parents to Travis, 23, and Sosie, 20, who have now left the nest. “There’s a lot more walking around the house naked,” Sedgwick said.

What are some ways to keep the spark alive in your marriage?

Cupid’s Advice:

As your love matures, the comfort of your marriage can push out some of the past passion. Don’t let this make you too anxious. Instead, encourage your significant other towards these strategies for keeping the spark alive. Most of all, be excited at having found love in your life. Cupid has some advice:

1. Spontaneity: Be ready to suggest ideas to your partner, and be open to their suggestions. Keeping things lively means leading a full life with your partner. If one of you has an idea for an activity, pursue it. It will either be a learning experience you can talk about or a rewarding moment of fun.

2. Dates: It is easy to be lazy, and stop courting your spouse. You two could probably find a lot of enjoyment in each others’ company at home, but creating new experiences will keep the marriage fresh. Plan romantic evenings and go out and do something active with your partner. Spending a night away somewhere is a great idea, because it lets you change the scenery and focus on your significant other.

3. Desire: It’s important both to let your partner know you find them attractive, and to be attractive for your partner. This means more than expected levels of hygiene and personal grooming, but also each of you should at least pretend to be naively unaware of your natural appeal. Dress up for dates, and show effort in your appearance.

What are some strategies you’ve found to keep the passion? Share your experiences below!