Cupid's Pulse Article: LeAnn Rimes Breaks Down Over the Ending of Her First MarriageCupid's Pulse Article: LeAnn Rimes Breaks Down Over the Ending of Her First Marriage

By Nicole Weintraub

LeAnn Rimes is currently married to Eddie Cibrian, though she recently broke down to tears while talking about the ending of her first marriage, according to Prior to becoming Mrs. Cibrian, Rimes was married to Dean Sheremet and Cibrian was married to Brandi Glanville. The two hooked up on the set of Northern Lights in 2009 and have gotten married to each other since then. However, Cibrian and Glanville have two kids from their marriage, which has resulted in a fierce media war between Rimes and Glanville over the children. “I never, ever in my heart want to hurt anyone,” Rimes opened up about the affair and the divorce. “You can’t break what’s already broken,” she explained in between sobs regarding her previous marriage. Regardless of the current media frenzy between Rimes and Glanville, Rimes remains hopeful that they can work together in the future to co-parent the two sons.

What are some ways to get over a particularly rough breakup?

Cupid’s Advice:

Break-ups are hard to go through, but some are worse than others. Here are some tips on how to get over a specifically nasty one:

1. Close that chapter: Do not try to remain friends with your ex, delete them from your Facebook and try to dispose of anything that would remind you of them. You need to go cold turkey in order to successfully move on.

2. Pick up a hobby: Get out that bucket list you’ve been putting off and start checking things off. Sign up for a kickboxing class or a zumba class. Experiment in the kitchen to learn new recipes.

3. Postpone dating: Take a break from dating to dote on yourself for a little while. Do what you want to do and don’t worry about finding someone else until you’re ready to put yourself out there again.

How do you get over rough break ups? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!