Cupid's Pulse Article: Find Out Why Prince Harry May Be the Happiest that Kate Middleton Is PregnantCupid's Pulse Article: Find Out Why Prince Harry May Be the Happiest that Kate Middleton Is Pregnant

By Jennifer Ross

With a new addition coming soon to the royal family, Prince Harry has many reasons to be happy about becoming an uncle, according to People. To begin with, once the Duchess of Cambridge deliver’s her and husband Prince William’s first child, Prince Harry will be pushed back to forth in line for the British throne. Currently, his grandmother and Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth is the heir to the monarch. Following her will be Prince Harry’s father Prince Charles, then followed by Prince Harry’s older brother Prince William. The new baby, regardless of gender, will become third in line after Prince William and before Harry. With the world excited over the new baby to come, Harry, 28, will also get some much relieved rest from the spotlight. In the past, the red-headed, blue-eyed Prince has gotten into quite a bit of trouble with the press and the royal family due to his many boisterous stunts. In early spring, Harry had commented to Katie Couric that he has always wanted children and is “waiting to find the right person, someone who’s willing to take on the job.” With the press off of him for a moment, this might be his chance to privately find love.

How do you gain respect back as a potential partner after a series of mishaps?

Cupid’s Advice:

With life’s challenges and unpredictability, it is understandable how mishaps can happen causing you to hurt your partner. However, remedying the mistake and regaining their respect is possible. By following the steps below, soon you will be on right side of love:

1. Lay low: Usually, a great thing to do is lay low for awhile after your mistakes. You, your mate and anyone else involved will need time to digest the situation and calm any negative feelings. This is not to say that you should go into hiding. Rather, focus only on fixing the issues and not any extras that could make things appear the same or worse.

2. Rebuild reputation: With your reputation tarnished, work on rebuilding your life back to where you want it. Moving forward, pay attention to what you say or write to your partner, family and friends so as not to have them misconstrued. Also, be sure that your actions are leading you towards the reputation you want.

3. Keep your promise: After everything, hopefully you have learned a lesson in how not to ruin your relationship. Take this opportunity to be a better partner through love, respect and honesty; don’t just pretend to be one. Keeping your promise from here on out will lead you back to a loving relationship.

What ways did you regain respect as a potential partner after your series of mishaps? Share your story below.