Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Expert Kailen Rosenberg Shares Dating Advice for Finding the Love We DeserveCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Expert Kailen Rosenberg Shares Dating Advice for Finding the Love We Deserve

By Whitney Baker

You may recognize relationship expert Kailen Rosenberg as “the love guru,” “the love whisperer” or, as Oprah Winfrey recently named her, the official “ambassador of love.” With her starring role on Lovetown, USA from the Oprah Winfrey Network/BBC Worldwide, she put her education and experience to the test: Oprah asked Rosenberg and Paul Carrick Brunson to transform Kingsland, Georgia, into a town filled with grace, kindness and open hearts. Of how she helped the community with her dating advice, she says, “What I look for isn’t necessarily what is working, but what is not. I seek out what is broken, the areas that sabotage relationships and love, and help each person to work through their pain and heal, so that they can experience the love and the partner they truly deserve.”

Relationship Expert Shares Personal Beliefs on Love and Dating Advice

While fans await news of season two of the hit show, Rosenberg is hopeful, recognizing that viewers and critics alike enjoyed the first season. “Oprah’s heart and intentions are completely pure. Lovetown, USA was meant to be a social experiment on love,” she shares. “And it worked! It proved that, when one focuses on nothing but love, healing in the most broken places can take place.”

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Of course, some heartaches are easier to mend than others. As viewers saw on Lovetown, USA, the relationship expert was tasked with helping two single dads find love. She approached it much like any other match. “What matters most is this: Is the person kind? Is he emotionally healthy and ready for love?”

Drawing from her own marriage, Rosenberg understands how tricky it is to find a partner that is a good fit for both you and your children. “My husband (who had never been married and had no children) is an amazing stepfather. We have a blessed family because of his genuine care for himself, me and my sons,” she says. “It all depends on the values of the two people coming together.”

As for how to know when you’ve found a relationship to last lifetime, Rosenberg believes that it’s just a feeling. She elaborates on this love advice and shares, “When you meet your soul mate, there’s something inside of you that’s different; you can’t explain it. There’s a piece of your new partner that challenges you to become a better human being. You grow and love more deeply because of that experience with each other.”

Rosenberg, a master’s-level certified life and love coach, is a successful matchmaker both on and off the show. She’s helped over 400 couples find each other and credits this accomplishment to “teaching people to love and know themselves authentically and to heal what needs to be healed before getting into a relationship.” Expanding on this idea further, she explains, “When people are able to listen to their inner voices and are fully aware, they make for better partners and create better relationships and better marriages.”

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Kailen Rosenberg Talks Relationships and Love and Her Next Project

While Rosenberg’s impressive success rate may suggest otherwise, many people are choosing to remain single rather than look for love. In fact, the Census Bureau statistics show that more than 44 percent of adults 18 and over are unattached. Even so, she isn’t deterred; she even views this number as a positive thing. “Younger people want to take their time and are more sincere about love and marriage, wanting something different than generations before,” she says. “As much as people want to believe in marriage, I think they are more afraid.”

She then adds, “The good news is that they rarely give up on love, wanting to believe that it can still be real and wonderful.”

As for what’s next, Rosenberg doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon. She is currently working on a book, which will be released by Simon & Schuster in fall 2013, and tells us, “It will focus on teaching both singles and couples how to find and experience real love.” Additionally, she has received offers to do her own television show to further teach people about love.

Even with her credentials, the dating expert knows just how difficult it can be to find love. For single women and men looking for a relationship, she offers this advice: “Know what is absolutely amazing about yourself, but don’t be afraid to look at what isn’t so lovely and great. Work on healing it and getting to a great place from within, so that when you find love, you can give and receive it at its fullest.”

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